The Patriot Post® · Biden's ChiCom Corruption — Calling a Cover-Up a 'Hoax'

By Mark Alexander ·

(Read our previous article on Joe Biden’s corruption.)

Here we sit, one day before the 2020 presidential election, and Joe Biden has effectively run out the clock by avoiding important questions about corrupt Ukrainian and ChiCom pay-to-play influence peddling. He was able to pull this off with the full complicity of his Leftmedia and social media colluders providing him unprecedented cover.

The massive narrative that the accusations against Biden are “Russian disinformation” will prove to be one of two things:

It is either the most masterfully orchestrated political hoax in history, or it is the most masterfully orchestrated political cover-up in history. There is no middle ground.

Joe Biden’s virtual silence and the “disappearance” of Hunter Biden could play into either scenario.

If it is a hoax set up by Biden operatives, it is calculated, regardless of the election outcome, to undermine trust of conservative media moving forward — particularly any suggestion that Biden’s resignation early in his presidency, and turning the administration over to Kamala Harris, was planned prior to the election.

As I noted the week Biden tapped Harris, if elected, Biden will likely resign early in his first year in office due to his “progressive state of dementia.” Demo Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already seeded the legislation for Biden’s path to resign. This gives the Democrat Party plausible deniability to remove Biden. Of course, he will be complicit in that political maneuver and ostensibly “acquiesce” to House Democrats in order to cover the fact that the real candidate has been Harris all along. Thus, Democrats will avoid protest from Biden supporters that the transition fix was in before the election.

If Biden’s ChiCom deal and that massive subsequent cover-up is not a hoax, it has been calculated as an assumption of Biden’s election that Biden and Harris can avoid answering any questions about the corrupt Ukrainian and ChiCom deals, and then officially bury the story once in office.

As political analyst David Harsanyi concludes, “Much of the reticence about investigating the Hunter Biden story is in reaction to the fallout from the Hillary Clinton email scandal. No matter what evidence emerged, political media were never going to repeat 2016.” In other words, reporters doing their job to report on the Clinton’s email subterfuge contributed to her loss.

And to make up for the sin of contributing to Clinton’s loss, the media promoted the fake “Russia collusion” narrative in support of the Democrats’ attempted deep-state coup to take down Trump, and the subsequent impeachment charade.

As former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy makes clear, “The media-Democrat complex would have the American people elect as their president Joe Biden who, based on significant evidence, appears to have been ensnared in his family’s energetic collusion with clandestine operatives of a hostile foreign power. And there is no doubt that millions of dollars were exchanged, going to the Biden family from shady Chinese characters with significant ties to the Chinese Communist Party and the regime of Xi Jinping.”

For sure, Red China, the nation posing the most significant existential threat to the United States, is banking on “The Big Guy” defeating Trump.

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