The Patriot Post® · Canceling CRT

By Mark Alexander ·

Tennessee has joined a growing number of states rejecting so-called “Critical Race Theory” curriculums in K-12 government school classrooms. Twenty state attorneys general have put the Department of Education on notice that they object to CRT, declaring, “The proposed priorities are a thinly veiled attempt at bringing into our states’ classrooms the deeply flawed and controversial teachings of Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project.”

CRT, a metastasization of the New York Times’s revisionist 1619 Project, is the latest of many leftist endeavors to indoctrinate America’s next generation with a syllabus utilizing a contrived revision of American history to pollute young minds. Under the banner of “equity,” leftist-controlled states are force-feeding insidious CRT propaganda to children.

The 1619 Project is a political agenda, not a history curriculum. The accurate history of slavery should be taught in our schools, including the fact that in the 19th century, it was countries under White leadership, Britain, France and the United States, which abolished slavery within their nations. What young people really need to know is that today, there are more than 700,000 people enslaved in the sub-Saharan Africa – by Black slavers – more than twice the number of slaves brought to North America in the 1800s.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee noted: “We need to make sure that our kids recognize that this country is moving toward a more perfect union, that we should teach the exceptionalism of our nation and how people can live together and work together to make a greater nation, and to not teach things that inherently divide or pit either Americans against Americans or people groups against people groups.”

The ACLU responded with an apt description of the CRT agenda: “With the stroke of a pen, the governor has silenced constructive dialogue that would educate individuals on the discrimination and systemic barriers that people of color still face in this country — including long-term inequalities in educational outcomes, incarceration rates, economic advancement and health outcomes — as well as ways we can move forward together.” Fact is, however ironic, CRT curriculums may violate the Civil Rights Act.

In January, Joe Biden terminated the 1776 Commission in order to promote the Left’s fake racist narrative. CRT is now being aggressively funded and promoted by the Biden/Harris regime. It is their effort to offset the growing conservative movement to reintroduce genuine civics curriculums, such as those advocated by the 1776 Project and 1776 Unites — curriculums that promote a historically factual understanding of American history. Of course, that understanding is antithetical to the Left’s statist agenda.

The Left’s CRT advocacy has been supercharged by erroneous and now ubiquitous claims that America is besieged with “systemic racism.” However, as I have noted before, the most consequential “systemic racism” in America is the institutionalization of socialist Democrat Party social policies, which have enslaved poor black citizens on Demo-controlled urban poverty plantations for generations. The Democrat Party platform has, by design, kept poor people in bondage to the welfare state and, consequently, is the blueprint for the most enduring racial exploitation architecture in America.

Semper Vigilans Fortis Paratus et Fidelis
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