The Patriot Post® · COVID PPE on Sale — Just <em>0.25 Cents</em> on the Dollar

By Mark Alexander ·

Remember in April 2020 when Donald Trump was hosting those endless daily ChiCom Virus pandemic briefings about how many masks and ventilators had been delivered that day? At the time, we warned his media team that he risked becoming the poster child for CV19 misery. They did not pay attention, and he became just that. He also allowed Anthony Fauci to become the administration’s de facto dictator over the U.S. economy, culture, and, ultimately, the 2020 election. These decisions proved to be terminal political errors.

After taking disastrous advice from Fauci and shutting down the country, Trump was printing and distributing cash like, well, Joe Biden is still doing. I am not sure what other options Trump had at the time, given that he turned our national response over to Fauci, who sent people home with no paychecks.

Recall at the same time, Trump’s arch New York nemesis, former Governor Andrew Cuomo, narcissistic mentor to former CNN talkinghead Chris Cuomo, was promoting himself as a hero for his actions to save lives. He even pocketed $5 million on a book deal lauding his leadership: American Crisis: Leadership Lessons From the COVID-19 Pandemic. As that fictional propaganda was being penned, Cuomo was busy covering up his negligence leading to the deaths of thousands of elderly citizens in nursing homes.

Cuomo was also busy spending New Yorkers’ tax dollars like a womanizing drunkard. Recall how he sent $69 million to a scammer in California for ventilators? That was just the tip of the proverbial COVID fraud iceberg.

The extent of massive fraud is not yet known, but the Department of Labor alone estimates almost $200 BILLION in fraudulent payments for unemployment benefits — this as the Biden administration tabled its $1.6 billion request to “investigate” fraud. I guess they figured out whose constituents were the beneficiaries of most of that fraud – just follow the money.

So, what happened with all that equipment New York ordered, which was actually produced and delivered?

Well, in New York City alone, officials recently auctioned $224 million of COVID equipment and supplies for a grand total of about $500,000. That included 3,000 of those high-demand mechanical ventilators which were classified as “scrap metal” for the auction. Most of the auction materials and equipment was from former Mayor Bill de Blasio’s bloated $900 million PPE supply stockpile, ostensibly for the next pandemic.

Before accumulating almost a billion dollars of stockpile supplies, De Blasio originally declared the pandemic was not a threat: “This disease, even if you were to get it, basically acts like a common cold or flu. … If you’re not sick, you should be going about your life.” In fact, that was true for most people, until Fauci FUBARed the nation with ineffective lockdowns and vaxxing mandates.

Now, three years out, Biden is finally prepared to let the COVID public emergency declaration lapse … and not a New York second too soon. As the ChiCom Virus hysteria fades, get ready for the summer climate hysteria to heat up.

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