The Patriot Post® · The Demos' War on Cops Body Count Mounts

By Mark Alexander ·

They may have stopped singing out loud with their “Defund Police” choir, but Democrats have not changed their tune — and neither have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, now the leftist leaders of the chorus.

Recently, our analyst Emmy Griffin wrote in “BLM vs. Defund: The Bloody Verdict” about how the one-two combination of the Left’s defunding of police and empowering of their corrupt Marxist so-called Black Lives Matter constituency predictably resulted in a surge of black-on-black crimes, with murders of black people up 32%.

“Predictably,” I note, because as we have documented since the Demos’ “defund movement” began after the death of George Floyd due to police negligence, and the lie of “systemic racism” that followed, it has left a surge of victims in its wake.

A week earlier, I had also challenged Biden’s diversionary claims about the “epidemic of violence” in America being, as he asserted, “the epidemic of violence against transgender” people. Give that assertion a “BIG Lie” fact-check!

Biden is now promoting himself and his Demos as super hero crime fighters and has reinvigorated the deception that crime is the result of “gun violence” when in fact it is a criminal problem, the direct result of generations of leftist social policies that have eroded our culture from top to bottom — including, most notably, families and the children who were once nourished by them. The devastating consequences of this cultural erosion play out in an endless loop of daily tragedies — only the loudest of them, like mass assaults, ever make it into the news.

But the consequences of that one-two sucker punch, defunding cops and enabling leftist violence, shows up in other data that gets even fewer headlines: the murder of police. Biden and his leftist cadre unleashed a surge of violence including a deadly war on cops.

By the middle of last year, there had been a 40% increase in the number of slain officers, all of whom we pay tribute to on our End of Watch page. By yearend, the number of murdered police officers rose by 59%.

FBI Director Christopher Wray noted, “Wearing the badge shouldn’t make you a target.”

But wearing a badge is not what has made cops a target. Democrat rhetoric has made cops a target.

The National Fraternal Order of Police has released its first-quarter report on officers killed in the line of duty, and those numbers are rising at a faster pace than Biden’s first year in office: 43% so far in 2022. The inflation rate of those attacks is far higher than Biden’s cost-of-living inflation.

Remember when Demo strategist James Carville declared, “The modern Democrat Party is flat-out better on crime than Republicans”?

He must have been referring to the success of the Biden family crime syndicate or the BLM crime syndicate because Demos have flat-out given rise to an explosive epidemic of violent crime across our nation.

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