The Patriot Post® · Four Officers Murdered — Demos Are Enabling Cop Killers

By Mark Alexander ·

“To prevent crimes, is the noblest end and aim of criminal jurisprudence. To punish them, is one of the means necessary for the accomplishment of this noble end and aim.” —James Wilson (1790)

Our Patriot Post constituents know that we maintain an archive of tributes to law enforcement officers (LEOs) killed in the line of duty. We do so in part because I started my career as a uniformed patrol officer and will always have a special kinship with my brothers and sisters who form that Blue Line every day.

Sometimes, a whole week passes without adding a tribute image to this archive, and for that, we are grateful.

This is not one of those weeks.

Who opened the floodgates of violence against LEOs and the rest of America? The answer is irrefutable.

The record surge of violence nationwide over the last four years began in May 2020, when Joe Biden and his Demo race-hustling cadres deliberately politicized the high-profile death of Minneapolis street thug George Floyd, a 46-year-old career criminal and perennial drug offender with a violent history. Demos succeeded in turning Floyd into a victim, propagating the faux claim that his death was the result of “systemic racism” — a fallacious assertion that the American justice system is infused with racism.

Endeavoring to inflame their (now bankrupt) so-called “Black Lives Matter” radicals and antifa fascists, they canonized Floyd as a celebrity, fomenting riots nationwide in a bloody “Summer of Rage” under the “I can’t breathe” mantra.

The result was dozens of civilian murders, billions in damages to private and public properties, and a significant increase in assaults and murders of police officers.

This was all fabricated just ahead of the 2020 election (and in the middle of the ChiCom Virus pandemic), with the intended outcome. Biden and Harris campaigned on a deadly blame-shifting charade that cops were the problem, which accelerated assaults on LEOs. And predictably, after the 2020 election, the Demos’ war on cops, combined with their “defund police” mantra and the proliferation of corrupt district attorneys funded by billionaire leftist George Soros, resulted in an unprecedented police recruiting crisis and a continuation of violent crime.

No problem for Democrats, who insist the crime they unleashed is really a “gun problem,” not a thug problem. That is a cozy fit with their use of murdered children as political fodder to promote their gun control agenda. Of course, the only reason Demo-induced violence is not much higher is that 125 million Americans are legal and responsible gun owners.

So what is it that Biden and his political ilk don’t want you to notice?

If Biden and his Demos really cared about the epidemic of violence across our nation, they would be focused on their failed social policies, the direct consequence of which is the grossly disproportionate record of daily black-on-black murders and violence.

And with that as a backdrop, on Monday, four law enforcement officers were murdered in Charlotte, North Carolina, by a felony offender with an extensive criminal record spanning two decades. The officers were attempting to arrest the assailant for felony weapon possession when he opened fire on them.

I note the race of the assailant was black because one might argue this was a “hate crime” by a black supremacist, but I would argue that all murders are hate crimes, and lumping murders into special classifications is all about political theater.

Three of the slain officers were members of a U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force, and the fourth was a Charlotte-Mecklenburg officer who was assisting the team in serving a warrant against a violent felon. Deputy U.S. Marshal Thomas Weeks Jr., corrections officers William “Alden” Elliot and Samuel “Sam” Poloche, and police officer Joshua Eyer did not make it home to their families Monday night. Three other officers — Chris Tolley, Mike Giglio, and Jack Blowers — were wounded.

Thomas Weeks was a 13-year veteran of the U.S. Marshals Service. He was married and a father of four children.

Alden Elliott was a 14-year veteran of the North Carolina Department of Corrections. He was married and the father of one child.

Sam Poloche was also a 14-year veteran of the North Carolina Department of Corrections. He was married and the father of two children.

Joshua Eyer had served with the CMPD for six years. He was married and the father of a three-year-old son.

(This attack was not an outlier – the day before the Charlotte officers were murdered, a police sniper killed another black assailant in Kenner, Louisiana, after he shot three police officers and three civilians — fortunately all of whom survived.)

Predictably, Biden declared: “We must do more to protect our law enforcement officers. That means … taking additional action to combat the scourge of gun violence. Now. Leaders in Congress need to step up so that we ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, require safe storage of guns, and pass universal background checks and a national red flag law. Enough is enough.”

None of those “additional actions” would have prevented the murder of Thomas Weeks, Alden Elliott, Sam Poloche, and Joshua Eyer. But Biden is going to take a side trip from a [North Carolina campaign fundraising junket](] this week to meet with families of the slain officers – for photo ops to support his agenda.

Demos refuse to connect these dots: Making good people helpless won’t make bad people harmless.

(They might take a page from Thomas Jefferson’s Legal Commonplace Book, in which he quotes Cesare Beccaria from On Crimes and Punishment: “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms … disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”)

The unmitigated audacity of Biden to blame the murder of these officers on a firearm instead of naming and blaming the murderer is inexcusable. But the murderer does not fit the Left’s racial narrative.

Biden’s diversionary gun smoke and mirrors charade is because he and his fellow Demos don’t want you to connect the causality dots and realize that they are indisputably guilty of enabling the surge of violence against all Americans, including police officers.

Biden is inexcusable. He is the “red flag” for surging murder and mayhem, and indeed, “enough is enough.”

Of Biden’s deadly record of incompetence, I have asserted, “The slaughter of thousands of men, women, and children in Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Israel is the direct result of Joe Biden’s vacuous foreign policy ineptitude.” Their suffering and blood is on Biden’s hands.

Likewise, I have declared, “The violent assaults and murders of tens of thousands of Americans by illegal aliens under Biden’s watch is the result of his lethal open border policy.”

That would include the recent murder by an illegal immigrant of State Trooper Chris Gadd in Washington (which was underreported). Trooper Gadd was married and the father of a two-year-old daughter.

That also includes the high-profile murder of young Georgia student Laken Riley.

To that carnage, I would add the blood of all innocent victims resulting from Biden’s surge in violent crime.

The suffering and blood of all these victims is on Biden’s hands — and those of every person who voted for him.

PS: For those you know who are still voting for the Jackass Party, and are thus, too dullard to understand the fallacy of the Left’s “gun prohibition” agenda, invite them to read this column: “Regarding Biden’s ‘Gun Ban,’ First Let’s Ban Alcohol!” In summary, more than 178,000 people died from alcohol abuse last year – that’s NINE times the number homicides associate with fire arms. Drunk drivers are responsible for 37 deaths per day. And notably, it is estimated that alcohol is a key factor in at least 30% of homicides where the assailant uses a firearm. (Include drug dealing or use as a factor and that number jumps to about 60%.)

Semper Vigilans Fortis Paratus et Fidelis
Pro Deo et Libertate — 1776

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NOTE: The First Civil Right is To Keep and Bear Arms. It is, as James Madison’s Supreme Court Justice, Joseph Story, rightly defined it, “the palladium of the liberties of the republic,” the ultimate assurance of all other rights.

All defenders of American Liberty and its foundational guarantor, the Second Amendment, should be prepared to articulate and refute the rhetorical gun control agenda disinformation propagated by Democrats and their Leftmedia publicists.

See these updated Footnotes for key points of rebuttal: Firearm Fiction v. Facts.

Only law-abiding citizens abide by the law. Only outlaws perpetrate acts of violence. Making good people helpless won’t make bad people harmless.

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