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Your support is more critical than ever before. As a measure of our thanks, for a donation of $26 or more, choose one of the following: New "I Support Our Veterans" lapel pin; "Liberty" lapel pin in gold or pewter finishes; our exclusive 2nd Amendment bumper sticker packet; the standard bumper sticker packet containing some of our most popular slogans and designs sold through our affiliate organization, The Patriot Post Shop; revised Essential Liberty Guide or the Essential Liberty Companion Guide to Founder's Wisdom book (donate $52 or more and receive four booklets; contribute $100 or more to receive 10 booklets). "In God We Trust" Christmas ornament or "Right to Bear Arms" magnet also available for donations of $52 or more.

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Founders' Wisdom is a companion guide to the Essential Liberty booklet and contains Essential Founder's Quotes, Washington's Farewell Address, The Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior (Washington), The Way to Wealth (Benjamin Franklin), Jefferson's Ten Rules, and much more.

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