The Patriot Post® · Fact-Checking Biden's Blustering SOTU BS

By Mark Alexander ·

You may have heard that some angry, amped-up-on-steroids version of Joe Biden yelled a State of the Union campaign speech last week. Being an accomplished provocateur of lies and deception, it was a remarkable tirade of unhinged, hyper-partisan fabrications, wrapped in his divisive trademark “hate and fear” hustling rhetoric.

But you would not know that from his Leftmedia propagandists, who all read from the same memo:

  • NBC: “Energized,” “Feisty,” “Poignant.”
  • ABC: “Striking,” “Fiery,” “Feisty, "Tough.”
  • CBS: “Stamina,” “Fire in the Belly.”
  • And, of course, CNN added that he was a “Fighter.”

Apparently, Mr. Fiery Feisty was so jazzed up that he forgot SOTU protocol and launched right into his teleprompted recitation before the speaker of the House formally introduced him. But then, Speaker Mike Johnson is one of those Republicans Biden blames for everything he has actually done to wreck our nation.

Hey, at least Johnson did not tear up Biden’s final first-term speech like Nancy Pelosi tore up her copy of Donald Trump’s last SOTU speech before the rigged 2020 election. We filed a criminal complaint against Pelosi for destruction of official government records, but for some reason the DoJ has not charged her.

Biden started with a topic that was low on the list of average voter concerns: national security. Clearly, he did so in order to draw a comparison between the threat posed by Vladimir Putin and “the gravest threat to our democracy since the Civil War” — that posed by domestic enemy number one, Donald Trump. Mind-numbing.

Clearly, the “Red Flag” threat to our national security and democracy is — drum roll, please — Joe Biden.

Nate Jackson summed up Biden’s inflammatory rhetoric, and it is worth noting that among his heavily skewed Democrat viewers, it got the highest negatives of any of his speeches. It probably won’t get him much of a bounce in the RCP presidential polling averages.

Now for some fact-checks on Biden’s bald-faced lies.

Most of the so-called “fact-checking” outfits are far left, including FactCheck, an organ of the Annenberg School for Communication at UPenn. Yes, that UPenn, most recently in the news after its woke president Liz Magill resigned because apparently, like Harvard’s Claudine Gay and MIT’s Sally Kornbluth, she couldn’t distinguish the Jew haters on her campus.

So, here are some of FactCheck’s kinder-gentler conclusions:

  • Biden boasted that under his leadership “wages keep going up.” But over the entirety of Biden’s presidency, wages are down when adjusted for inflation.

  • Biden claimed that the more recent U.S. inflation rate of about 3% is the “lowest in the world!” But several nations reported lower rates than the U.S. in December.

  • He again claimed to have “cut the federal deficit by over one trillion dollars” — although declining deficits have mostly been the result of expiring emergency pandemic spending.

  • Biden highlighted recent decreases in murder and violent crime rates, but neglected to mention that they are still coming down from their pandemic peak.

  • Biden said he had created a “record” 15 million new jobs. His 14.8 million new jobs is a record for any president in the first three years, but it’s not the highest job growth rate that any president has achieved in that period of time.

For the record, regarding Biden’s “crime reduction” and “job creation” lies, I eviscerated those a week before his SOTU in “Biden’s Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics,” along with his plethora of border lies, which FactCheck did not mention. As I noted, “Those infamous lies follow a familiar pattern,” which is that after record-setting surges in inflation, crime, and illegal aliens crossing our southern border, Biden then claims that a small reduction in those records constitutes his “success.”

More accurately, the fact-checks from Campaign for Working Families got to the core of Biden’s fabrications:

  • Biden said he “inherited an economy that was on the brink.” That’s a lie. Under Donald Trump, our GDP grew 33% in the third quarter of 2020, as the American reopening from the pandemic began. In the fourth quarter of 2020, it grew another 4.1%. So, when Joe Biden occupied the Oval Office, the American economy had shot up 37%. How is that anywhere near the brink of collapse? He’s counting on people not remembering.

  • Biden suggested that he turned the trade deficit around. That’s false. We have experienced record trade deficits every year of his administration.

  • Biden said Donald Trump and Republicans will slash Social Security. That’s a lie. Much to the chagrin of some libertarians and more than a few Republicans, Trump has flatly refused to touch Social Security. This is another intentional lie to scare seniors.

  • He’s counting on people not remembering a lot of things — like the fact that he had no plan to deal with COVID and that far more people died under his watch than Trump’s. He’s counting on people not remembering all the pointless mandates and the progressive lockdowns and lockouts from our churches and schools and the damage that did to our children.

  • Even the New York Times labeled those school closures, supported by Biden and the teachers’ unions, as “the most damaging disruption in the history of American education” that set back learning progress “by two decades.” Never forget who did that to your children.

  • Biden claimed that under his policies “consumer confidence is soaring.” No, it isn’t. Consumer confidence fell last month below a level that often signals a coming recession.

  • Biden claimed that he cut the federal deficit by $1 trillion. No, he didn’t. Even CNN says that claim is “misleading.” Biden did not cut spending. The deficit came down in 2021 compared to 2020 because the extraordinary pandemic expenditures intended to aid the American people expired.

In fact, CNN has previously gone after both Biden’s deficit and debt lies.

But the biggest fact-check surprise was that issued by The Washington Post, which not only called out Biden’s deficit claim but gave him one of its rare Bottomless Pinocchio awards for having repeated this lie “at least 30 times since June.”

Ironically, I just called out WaPo’s fact-checking golden boy, Glenn Kessler, for being an apologist for leftist lies with his contortionist efforts to spin them away.

So why would WaPo take on Biden now? Because, like The New York Times, the editors want Biden to resign so the Demo delegates can set up the November ballot with a candidate of their choosing.

Finally, there was no “fact-check” on Biden’s reference to “Lincoln Riley.”

In a column two weeks ago, “Biden’s Collaboration in the Murder of Laken Riley,” I closed with a memo to Biden: In your upcoming State of the Union address, say her name.

Turns out he attempted to do that off-script, referring to her as “Lincoln” instead of “Laken.” Maybe he was still stuck on his “gravest threat to our democracy since the Civil War” rhetoric. Biden was trying to downplay her murder after one of his illegal aliens was arrested for it by fallaciously asserting that illegals don’t murder Americans at a higher rate than “legals”: “Lincoln Riley, an innocent young woman who was killed by an illegal, that’s right. But how many thousands of people are being killed by legals?”

That’s right — he referred to American citizens as “legals.”

For the record, his comparison of crimes committed by illegal aliens to crimes committed by American citizens is a diversionary smoke screen, and devoid of any data to make that comparison. More to the point, I noted here: “Not a single one of those violent assaults, rapes, and murders of American citizens would have occurred if those illegal aliens were not in the U.S. Not one.”

Laken Riley’s mother blasted Biden for not caring enough to even get her daughter’s name correct. Allyson Phillips declared: “Biden does not even KNOW my child’s name — it’s pathetic! If you are going to say her name at least say the right name!” She added that “It would be really easy to lose our faith in mankind because of this senseless and avoidable tragedy, [this] horrific nightmare.”

Totally avoidable.

Remember when Biden declared: “It makes sense that no great nation can be in a position where they can’t control their borders. It matters how you control your borders … not just for immigration, but for drugs, terror, a whole range of other things.” And he then insisted, “I have been arguing for more protection at the borders.” Try that lie on the now countless and faceless American citizens who have been victims of violent assault, rape and murder by illegal aliens, and their families.

Of course, controlling borders does make sense, but Biden said it before he began his slow decline into non compos mentis fog, and Demos decided the influx of illegal aliens would bolster their election prospects.

Biden also declared: “This nation is such that people in the country should have the first opportunity to be able to have jobs that pay well and have jobs that are decent…” But unbridled illegal immigration creates competition for jobs and puts signifiant downward pressure on wages,

And, remember when Biden criticized George W. Bush for “putting a higher value on tax cuts for the wealthy than he did on protecting the border”? He complained about “our conservative business friends” who plan to bring in workers on “work permits that will take away jobs of Americans,” and decried “the allowance of a significant increase — several hundred thousand people a year — to take regular jobs, particularly in the construction industry.”

Got that? “Several hundred thousand people a year” versus the NINE MILLION Biden has invited in.

Biden immediately regretted not the fact he misnamed Laken Riley, but correctly using the word “illegal” in reference to her accused killer, and has since repeatedly apologized for that reference. He has not apologized to Laken Riley’s parents.

And for the record, not a word from Biden about Washington State Trooper Chris Gadd, who was killed by an illegal alien just before Biden’s SOTU. Trooper Gadd leaves behind his wife and young daughter.