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August 25, 2021

Joe Biden IS the ‘Red Flag’

The problem was not Biden’s plan; it was, and remains, Biden the man.

“It will be worthy of a free, enlightened, and, at no distant period, a great Nation, to give to mankind the magnanimous and too novel example of a People always guided by an exalted justice and benevolence.” —George Washington (1796)

On the eve of the 20th observance of the 9/11 Islamist attack on our nation, Joe Biden has re-seeded al-Qa'ida’s terrorist turf — the result of his compressed Afghanistan exit schedule. That schedule was motivated by Biden and his Beltway cadres’ desire to take a political victory lap that observance.

There will be NO victory lap. There WILL be more Islamist attacks against the U.S. Brace yourself America.

What he and his inept foreign policy team have created is a humanitarian catastrophe — there will be no victory lap. Instead, there will be years of leaked videos revealing unmitigated Taliban violence against the men, women, and children Biden and his handlers have abandoned.

All the Leftmedia “analysis” of Biden’s badly failed exfil strategy is now, and will continue to be, in the form of questions about who missed what, who knew what when, and what we coulda/shoulda done — a feast of finger-pointing and blame-shifting ad nauseam. After all, those commercial news outlets, including conservative ones, have to churn news to make their ad revenue targets.

To that end, a sample of the most recent headlines: “Miscue After Miscue, U.S. Exit Plan Unravels (The New York Times); ”Trump & Co. engineered the pullout from Afghanistan“ (The Washington Post); ”Afghanistan disaster puts intelligence under scrutiny“ (The Hill); ”The Only Way Back To Deterrence Is Firing Biden’s Entire National Security Team“ (The Federalist); ”Here’s What Went Wrong In Afghanistan — And What We Should Have Done Differently“ (Daily Wire); and ”Afghanistan blame game intensifies as White House, Pentagon and intel point fingers“ (Fox News).

All of these headlines are important to the extent that they’re attempting to answer legitimate questions honestly and accurately. Of course, that will be a heavy lift for Biden’s fawning Leftmedia propagandists, but even some of his far-left defenders like CNN have had no choice but to ask some tough questions, given the precipitous drop in Biden’s public support.

As Rich Lowry concludes: "On Afghanistan, Joe Biden in effect set out to test how much shameless incompetence and dishonesty the media would accept. The answer? Not nearly enough. The press is blatantly biased and has become even more so over time, repeatedly propagating false narratives that have shredded its credibility. Still, there are limits beyond which even it can’t be pushed.”

But in the mainstream media’s search for tactical mistakes, as they parse Biden’s every word for lies, they all miss the most critical strategic reason for the national security crisis now unfolding in Afghanistan.

What would that be?

Consider this investigative entry from a CBS analyst: “Afghanistan’s Taliban takeover was predictable. How did Biden miss the red flags?

How did Biden miss the red flags?

The author, Jeff McCausland, a learned and respected national security analyst, details all the mistakes, miscues, overestimates, and underestimates. And he does so from a far more informed perspective than the media analysts now churning the same question.

But McCausland, like all those aforementioned media analysts and politicos endeavoring to exposit who/what failed, does not make clear the overarching reason for the meltdown of Biden’s exit plan.

The missed “red flags” are, first and foremost, not about failed strategy, or about who missed what, or about execution, or about intelligence failures. The assertion that the CIA, DIA, and NSA “missed” this surge is either absurd or mortifying.

Bottom line: Joe Biden IS “red flag.”

Allow me to reiterate: The problem was not Biden’s plan; it was, and remains, the man. The Taliban had no fear of Joe Biden, which is why they seized Afghanistan in just days after he abandoned our Afghan army allies. And the Taliban’s actions have confirmed that the world’s tyrants need have no fear of Biden.

Biden declared the crisis would have occurred, “if we’d started a month ago, or a month from now,” adding, “There is no way to evacuate this many people without pain and loss of heartbreaking images you see on television.”

There is no way if you are Joe Biden…

The consequences of animatronic Biden’s now-obvious failure as commander-in-chief have immediate and dire implications for our national security that extend far beyond the borders of Afghanistan. China, Russia, and Iran are now greatly emboldened. Power does not tolerate a vacuum.

Thus, his disgraceful retreat was followed by Putin’s bloody invasion of Ukraine and most recently, the Iran/Hamas attack on Israel.

Biden has repeatedly and boldly lied about the circumstances of his policy failures. Recall just a month ago Biden declared: “The likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely…the mission hasn’t failed – yet.”


And Biden has lied about the impact on our NATO partners and their direct criticism of his failed policies. And his lying senior military and foreign policy managers have devalued any trust credit they had.

As former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo observed: “The disaster unfolding in Afghanistan has shown in stark terms the incompetence and weakness of the Biden administration. In a matter of days, the Taliban was allowed to take over the entire country. This feckless, poorly executed withdrawal is already calling into question American leadership from some of our closest allies, such as Germany and the United Kingdom and worse, emboldening our enemies. … Biden’s incompetence has left Americans in harm’s way and is dishonoring those who serve and our country.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said: “I think Joe Biden deserves to be impeached because he’s abandoned thousands of Afghans who fought with us and he’s going to abandon some American citizens because he capitulated to the Taliban.” Of course, has something like this happened on Trump’s watch, Demos would have had impeachment papers drawn before breakfast.

Of course, Biden’s yes-men continue to cover for him.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, when asked by Chris Wallace, “Does the president not know what’s going on?” responded, “This is an incredibly emotional time for many of us.” Wallace pressed Blinken, and he responded again, “This is a powerfully emotional time for a lot of allies and partners as it is for me, as it is for us.”

Who will believe him now?

Recall that last week, when Biden was asked about the chaos he’s created, he declared there was no way out without chaos.

In fact, that is true, but for the reason that there was no way out without chaos under his leadership. Again, Joe Biden IS the “red flag.” His non compos mentis ineptitude is limitless.

Are we to believe that Biden couldn’t commit sufficient forces to pull off the Afghanistan exit without a catastrophic collapse of the nation, but in January, as a theatrical prop for the “Insurrection™ inquisition” he cooked up with Nancy Pelosi, Biden was able to muster more than 25,000 military personnel to DC for weeks and house them in garages?

Wonder what Afghanistan would look like right now if Biden had deployed 25,000 troops to strategic locations in that nation in order to ensure the safe exit of American and allied civilians, and to ensure that BILLIONS of dollars of our best military equipment did not fall into the Taliban’s arsenal?

As for the consequences of Biden’s failure within our borders: The Taliban has, and will again, provide the platform for al-Qa'ida’s terrorists to launch their assaults on the U.S. And they won’t be flying in…

Biden, defied the Rule of Law, has effectively and deliberately dissolving our southern border, which is now an open floodgate for more than 1.2 MILLION illegal entrants – that we have at least counted. Among those not surrendering to immigration agents, are dangerous gang members, sex traffickers and now terrorists — and Biden has no plan to stop the infiltration of those terrorists.

Remember when he was asked about how many immigrants we should bring in, candidate Biden insisted, “We could afford to take in a heartbeat another two million people.” He met half that in his first six months — at least those are the southern border crossers his administration counted.

Brace yourself America – now that Biden surrendered to the Taliban, Russia and Iran, both China and Russia are going to test his resolve to defend Taiwan – and it WILL get ugly.

So what is next in Afghanistan?

In his most recent brief press conference on the crisis, Biden opened by applauding passage of Pelosi’s spending boondoggle and progress on his climate agenda. Only then did he announced that he caved to the Taliban’s demands, insisting that he won’t alter his 31 August deadline for the final flight out for American forces – whether or not American civilians can be evacuated in that time. The troop departure has now resumed. And yet days ago he declared, “If there’s American citizens left, we’re going to stay until we get them all out.” He then refused any press questions.

Of Biden’s comments, former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell observed: “The White House can’t feel the moment. They aren’t in reality. It’s all a white paper to them. Biden talking about infrastructure and climate change while Americans are trapped.” Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) added, “Joe Biden is more dedicated to evacuating himself from his own press conferences than evacuating stranded Americans from behind enemy lines!”

Even House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) says, “Given the number of Americans who still need to be evacuated, the number of SIVs, the number of others who are members of the Afghan press, civil society leaders, women leaders, it’s hard for me to imagine all of that can be accomplished between now and the end of the month.”

As former National Security Adviser Gen. H. R. McMaster reiterated: “We’re gonna leave Americans behind. We’re creating a hostage crisis. We’re creating maybe even potential for losses greater than 9/11 on our way out. And nobody’s talking about that… Sadly, I think we lack the will to do what’s necessary to get our own citizens out.”

But the Taliban thugs put Biden on notice, declaring: “It’s a red line. President Biden announced that on August 31 they would withdraw all their military forces. So if they extend it that means they are extending occupation. … If the U.S. or U.K. were to seek additional time to continue evacuations — the answer is no. Or there would be consequences. … If they are intent on continuing the occupation it will provoke a reaction.” And Biden tucked tail…

And just to further establish Biden’s foreign policy impotence, the Taliban say they are now going to block Afghans from reaching the safety of the airport.

Biden is still trying to “negotiate with the Taliban.” He’s endeavoring to at least look presidential by asking his military leaders for “contingency plans” to remain beyond the Taliban deadline.

Americans and expats stranded in the chaos have issued strong condemnation for Biden, one screaming, “Go to hell Biden!” Apparently they did not get the message from Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki: “I think it’s irresponsible to say Americans are stranded. They are not.”

Americans stranded in our Kabul embassy have also expressed strong condemnation of Biden’s failed exfil, one writing, “Happy to die here, but with dignity and pride,” rather than depart betraying our friends.

BTW, who gets fired for the colossal strategic error of abandoning Bagram Air Base 25 miles north of Kabul — all our assets and all the Taliban and al-Qa'ida prisoners there — before American civilians were safely out? Or was retreat from Bagram another indication that Biden lied about how fast the Taliban would takeover, mocking Iwo Jima Marines along the way? SecDef Lloyd Austin and CJCS Mark Milley won’t take responsibility.

And on the subject of departure, a tactical question: Exactly how do those last massive transport planes full of American troops safely depart Kabul without a defended airport perimeter?

Air breaks in contact with the enemy are very difficult. Recall in Vietnam the helicopters shot down attempting final exfil from an LZ with enemy close. Recall in Afghanistan, the deadliest day in SEAL Team Six history, 06 August, 2011, when the Taliban in the Tangi Valley shot down a departing Chinook transport helicopter, killing all 38 service personnel on board – and among the 30 American warriors, 15 SEALS from Team Six’s Gold Squadron.

Yes, we utilize defensive departure corridor patterns, and may deploy significant air support for cover, perhaps including A-10s for close cover, but our lumbering transport aircraft are now at significant risk from the weapons Biden left the Taliban. But positioning American resources to prevent a small-arms fire or a man-portable missile launch would mean abandoning those personnel in a zone completely overrun with the enemy.

And the Taliban has no fear that Biden would obliterate Kabul in retaliation for attacking departing transports – Biden knowing that the next week the whole world would be viewing images of dead and dying women and children as a result.

Veterans who have departed hostile regions by air, know that combat aircraft departures depend on a lot of runway for airspeed in order to achieve a very high angle of climb to get above enemy fire at the end of a runway…but that presumes a secure airfield.

I suppose this means in addition to air cover, one of the last planes into Kabul will be loaded with large denomination American currency to pay the Taliban to maintain that perimeter?

Amid this crisis, Kamala Harris, who fully backed Biden’s Afghan debacle, managed her successful Beltway evacuation for a visit to Vietnam. On arrival, she posed smiling in front of a Ho Chi Minh statue.

The irony, given Kabul’s parallels with the fall of Saigon, is just too rich for words. I suspect when originally planned, this visit was also part of Biden’s “victory lap” for pulling our military out of Kabul, errantly believing then, it would be very different than pulling our military out of Saigon.

And instead of Russian aid pouring into Vietnam, with the Afghan economy now on the edge of collapse, it’s the Red Chinese stepping into the gap with lots of cash – and they will have no resistance from Biden and his ChiCom appeasers.

Where does that leave Americans in the wake of Biden’s surrender and retreat from Afghanistan?

The immediate concern is evacuation of as many Americans and afghan allies as possible before Biden’s acquiescent timeline.

The intermediate concern is the consequences for tens of thousands of allied Afghan warriors and civilians, and their families, who Biden abandoned. As the Taliban firms up its organizational structure and returns to its extremist tyrannical control, the purges will be underway.

The extended concerns are that Biden has reseeded al-Qa'ida’s turf, and how Biden’s cowardly Afghan retreat will embolden far more powerful tyrants in China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.

Let’s all lift up in prayer the hundreds of thousands of Afghans, and their families, who embraced our affirmation of Liberty. Many of them are now being systematically targeted for having collaborated with the nation whose inept president ordered them abandoned as evil swept over them — evil that rose because it knew it had nothing to fear from this president. We are also praying for those American service personnel, and their families, who have sacrificed so much to contain that evil prior to this disgraceful retreat.

While the focus now is on getting Americans out, the focus will soon turn to the disaster Biden left behind.

Finally, anyone — ANYONE — who believes that the resurgence of the Taliban and their ISIS and al-Qa'ida thugs would have occurred under a second Donald Trump term is so deeply deluded with TDS that they are in a state of complete denial. The blood of thousands of those being readied for slaughter is on the hands of every impenitent and unremorseful Biden/Harris voter.


Semper Vigilans Fortis Paratus et Fidelis
Pro Deo et Libertate — 1776

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