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Q: What is The Patriot Post?
A: Our highly acclaimed publications provide an informative and entertaining analysis of the most significant news, policy and opinion, online and in two Mid-Day email formats. Read more about The Patriot Post's mission and objective.

Q: Why am I not receiving my Patriot Post subscription via email?
A: There are three primary factors regarding delivery of e-mail, which may explain why your subscription is not reaching your inbox.

First, the most likely reason you are not receiving your subscription is that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is filtering your e-mail. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have different methods for filtering spam and many of them wrongly treat The Patriot Post as such. While we can ensure that we will send each edition to you, we cannot ensure that your ISP will allow it to get to your inbox.

Please link to your ISP's website and find a customer support phone number or e-mail address. Lodge a formal complaint -- tell them that you are a subscriber to a publication "from the domain PatriotPost.US" and you expect them to deliver The Patriot Post to your account. Advise your ISP that "subscriptions to The Patriot Post are by confirmed (opt-in) approval only," and that "The Patriot Post is not unsolicited commercial e-mail as defined by federal law." Further, unsubscribe instructions are clearly posted in every e-mail.

Second, you may have inadvertently marked The Patriot Post as "spam" in your own e-mail software. Some e-mail readers do this automatically. Please check to see if your edition is in your trash or junk e-mail folders. If so, re-mark it as e-mail you want. Adding the e-mail address from which we send The Patriot Post ([email protected]) to your white list and/or address book will help ensure delivery.

Third, if you are using a corporate e-mail address, your employer may be blocking mail. That is their prerogative, and you may want to discuss this with your IT director, or have The Patriot Post sent to a private e-mail address. You can change your format or e-mail address by linking to "My Subscription" in the left menu bar.

Finally, each edition is also posted on our Web site at PatriotPost.US.

Q: Is your donation page secure?
A: Yes. Please note that the URL includes "https" (the "s" is for secure). Also, a lock icon should appear in most browsers.

Q: Is my donation to The Patriot Post tax deductible?
A: When Mark Alexander launched The Patriot online in 1996, he decided to adopt a donor-support model in order to provide our publications and services to military personnel, students and those in the mission field, without requiring a subscription fee.

However, we do not have "501-c-3" tax exemption in order to prevent the IRS from dictating limits on the editorial content of our publications -- which would hinder our mission. Nor do we accept commercial ads in order to prevent advertisers from influence our editorial content -- which, unfortunately, they do with virtually every other publication.

Thus, we operate more like a C-4 or PAC, which is to say we are not able to provide you a tax deduction for your donation to The Patriot Annual Fund, unless your support qualifies as a professional or business expense.

Supporting The Patriot Post's mission and operation budgets is the most cost effective way to promote Liberty across the nation.

We also operate Patriot Foundation Trust, which is a 501c-3 tax exempt organization with the primary mission of providing program and academic grants to foster the proper understanding for our Republic's First Principles -- Liberty and Constitutional Rule of Law over the rule of men. (For more information about supporting Patriot Foundation Trust now, or through estate planning, please contact the Trust Administrator at [email protected].

Q: What browser do you recommend?
A: We recommend the latest version of Firefox or Chrome or Safari or Edge.

Q: Is my email address safe with PatriotPost.US and The Patriot Post?
A: The Patriot Post will not release any information on our users or subscribers to any third party under any circumstances, nor do we accept any third party advertising to our lists.

Q: What is your guiding principle for The Patriot Post's analysis and opinion?
A: We rely on reputable sources and never utilize or cite sensationalist "click bait news" that too often infests the pages of both Left or Right news sites — the editorial rubbish and "fake news" that is driven by market share and advertising revenues on which commercial websites depend. Likewise, we avoid the ubiquitous churn of mainstream media spin cycle topics, which now make up most of the MSM's relentless 24/7 content.

Q: Does The Patriot Post accept advertising?
A: We are a certified "Ad Free" website. We do not accept advertising to ensure our advocacy and editorial content is not restrained by commercial influence — as is the case with mass media news outlets. Thus, you will note our website and publications are free of advertising clutter.

Q: What is your policy regarding clarifications and corrections?
A: Corrections and clarifications are noted at the bottom of any content where corrections and clarifications are required. We note "Updated" when there are substantive changes, or when factual errors are corrected within news analysis reports. In most instances with substantive corrections, we will note the correction in the update notice. If you note an error or omission, please contact us.

Q: What is the translation for the Latin and Greek phrases used by The Patriot Post?
A: Regarding the Latin and Greek used in our publications:

Our Latin motto is Veritas vos Liberabit (WAIR-ih-tahss wohss lee-beh-RAH-bit) -- The truth will make you free. The origin is John 8:31-32, Jesus speaking, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free")

Pro Deo et Libertate -- 1776
(For God and Liberty -- 1776)

Semper Vigilans Fortis Paratus et Fidelis
(Always Vigilant, Strong, Prepared and Faithful)

Pro Deo et Constitutione -- -- Libertas aut Mors
(For God and Constitution -- Liberty or Death)

Fidelis Deo et Patriaeque
(Faithful to God and Country)

Si vis Pacem, Para Bellum
(If you want peace, prepare for war)

De Oppresso Liber
(To liberate the oppressed)

Lex et Libertas
(Law and Liberty)

IChThUS Imprimis -- IChThUS is the Greek spelling for "fish" and one noted symbol of early Christendom as Jesus called on his disciples to be "fishers of men." In the early church, when believers were being sought and persecuted, a secret method for determining if a stranger was a fellow believer was to draw a crescent shape in the sand. If the stranger drew the inverse of that crescent shape, completing the IChThUS symbol, he was a fellow believer.

IChThUS forms the Greek acronym: Iota Chi (Jesus Christ) Theta Upsilon (Son of God) Sigma (Savior).

Imprimis means Foremost.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from The Patriot Post?
A: To unsubscribe, log in with your email address and click the "Unsubcribe" button.

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