The Patriot Post® · SHOCKER: Demos Demand 'Assault Weapons' Ban

By Mark Alexander ·

For the second time in a week, an older California man of Chinese ancestry committed a “mass shooting,” the second one attacking a group of Chinese and Latino farmworkers. Chunli Zhao, 66, targeted specific individuals at two mushroom farms in Half Moon Bay, murdering five men and two women. He was captured shortly after the assault, and San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus concluded, “All the evidence we have points to this being workplace violence.”

Well, yeah.

This assault followed, in copycat fashion, that of 72-year-old Huu Can Tran, who killed 11 people of Asian ancestry in Monterey Park. Neither of these assailants fit the typical profile of young sociopathic mass murderers, nor do the profiles of the most prolific murderer demographic, mostly black men who kill other black men in mostly Democrat-controlled urban centers nationwide.

Crime researcher Heather Mac Donald notes the inconvenient truth about black assailants: “Dozens of blacks are murdered every day, more than all white and Hispanic murder victims combined, even though blacks are only 13 percent of the nation’s population. Blacks between the ages of ten and twenty-four are muderef at twenty-five times the rate of whites between those same ages. Their assailants are not the police, not other whites, but other blacks.”

Notably, black assailants attack people of Asian descent in grossly disproportionate numbers, which might explain the spike of firearm purchases by people of Asian ancestry.

The fact that neither of the assailants fit Joe Biden’s favored “white supremacist” profile did not stop him from trotting out his familiar call for banning so-called “assault weapons.” This despite the fact that neither of the assailants used rifles in the attacks.

Fact is, rifles of any type and shotguns combined are used in less than 3% of all homicides, but Biden has never let facts get in the way of his political agenda.

Predictably, Biden again used stacked caskets as his political soapbox and victims as political fodder: “For the second time in recent days, California communities are mourning the loss of loved ones in a senseless act of gun violence. … I once again urge both chambers of Congress to act quickly and deliver this Assault Weapons Ban to my desk, and take action to keep American communities, schools, workplaces, and homes safe.”

Yes, “act quickly,” before dullard Demo constituents realize the leftist “gun violence” mantra is a facade to conceal the real issue: Violence is a cultural problem spawned by generations of failed socialist Democrat policies.

For the record, if Biden actually wanted to “take action to keep American communities, schools, workplaces, and homes safe,” he would turn his attention to the illegal drug killing more than five times more Americans each year, than those killed by assailants with illegal firearms. In 2022, there were an estimated 110,000 drug overdoses, mostly fentanyl which is pouring across our open southern border. Fentanyl deaths surged again in 2022, and despite the fact the Biden administration is trying to put a smiley-face on it, almost all of it is being muled into the U.S. by the more than three-million illegal immigrants Biden has invited in. And the fastest growing overdose demographic is infants and toddlers who are exposed to the deadly drug.

In fact, so prevalent is this deadly drug that the antidote naloxone now carried by first responders nationwide is increasingly required to save first responders because of fentanyl cross-contamination when responding to overdose calls or making drug arrests.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, who will likely be the 2024 Demo presidential nominee, piled on: “Gun safety works, we will not back away from the resolve. But we can’t do this alone, and with all due respect, we feel like we are. … I mean, the Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact.”

“Gun safety works”? Of course, in leftist parlance, “gun safety” means the incremental deconstruction and repeal of the Second Amendment, the “palladium of the liberties of a republic.”

Again, for the record, as political analyst David Harsanyi notes: “California already has ‘universal’ background checks. It has a 10-day waiting period limit for handgun purchases, a microstamping system, a personal safety test, the ability to sue gun manufacturers even if they haven’t broken any law, an age hike on the purchase of certain firearms including rifles from 18 to 21, ‘red flag’ laws that allow police to confiscate guns without due process, a ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, among many other restrictions. Short of letting cops smash down the doors of peaceful gun owners, California has a law for it. And all it’s done is leave its citizens defenseless.”

As for Newsom and California, National Review’s Jim Geraghty asks, “How do you ban something that is already illegal?” Even CNN acknowledged that the weapon used by Huu Can Tran, described as an “assault style pistol,” was illegal, and that “California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.”

Finally, for context, Democrats fomented the violent “summer of rage” riots in 2020, unleashing a record surge of murder and violent assaults across the nation, and that surge continued into 2021 and 2022 — though murders and mass shootings declined slightly last year. Again, violence is a cultural problem, spawned by generations of failed socialist Democrat policies.

FOOTNOTE: Regarding so-called “gun violence” and “mass shootings”: For the record, murders of multiple people, particularly mass murders, are very rare in our nation of 330 million people. There were approximately 25,000 homicides in the U.S. in the latest year of record, which you can view state by state, and fortunately there are indications that homicides may be declining after the surge in violence unleashed by Joe Biden and his Democrat agitators in 2020.

The Demos ubiquitously and falsely label the generational murderous contagion they have seeded, “gun violence,” and focus exclusively on the infrequent high-profile “mass shootings,” which account for only a tiny fraction of all homicides. More than 99% of murders in the U.S. are not the result of mass attacks. (Notably, guns don’t commit violence, thugs and sociopaths commit violence.) The oft-cited Gun Violence Archive defines a “mass shooting” as any incident that involves a “minimum of four victims shot, either injured or killed.” The vast majority of those violent attacks are the result of drug and gang violence committed on Democrat-controlled urban centers.

In a country and culture that ignores the rising generation of sociopathic murderers – thugs in violent urban centers who are saturated with cultural violence to the point of glorifying it, it is fortunate that the incidence of mass murder is not ten times higher. Arguably, the only thing keeping that number from being higher is that 125 million Americans are legal and responsible gun owners.

Democrats don’t focus on the vast majority of murders, particularly the epidemic of black-on-black murders on their degraded urban poverty plantations because they want to avoid at all cost, the “inconvenient truth” about race and violence, which is the direct result of failed Democrat social programs. Those murders aren’t useful for the gun control narrative they invoke to evoke emotional reaction from mostly wealthy white suburban women, whom form the Demos’ largest voter constituency.

As for actual mass murders, that is detailed in the FBI’s data on “active shooter incidents” – which it defines as “one or more individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area” – in 2022 the FBI reported 50 incidents resulting in 313 casualties (100 killed and 213 wounded). That number was up significantly from 2020, when the FBI reported 40 incidents resulting in 164 casualties (38 killed and 126 wounded). A more relevant record of “mass shooting” data is maintained by the Associated Press and Northeastern University, which uses the Department of Justice definition of mass public shooting: “A multiple homicide incident in which four or more victims are murdered with firearms.” These numbers fluctuate significantly year over year, and range between 20 and 40 incidents.

FOOTNOTE 2: Regarding why Democrats only focus on less than 1% of murders nationwide – they are intentionally using these rare high-profile tragedies to foment fear – most notably their oft-repeated but erroneous claim that “gun violence is the leading cause of death for children.” If by “children” they mean gang and drug associated murders of those primarily between the ages of 16 and 21, then yes. Democrats are experts at fomenting fear and division.

The fear and angst Demos are intentionally propagating is taking a toll on Americans’ mental health. Psychological researcher Dr. Riana Elyse Anderson observes: “Watching it time and time again on your phone or on the headlines can really impact you in ways that I don’t think we knew before to be as impactful. It’s so ‘in our face’ all the time and we have access to so much footage, so many pictures, so many videos, so many accounts that we’re ingesting it in ways that’s really unhealthy for us.” The result for many mothers is an irrational fear that their children will be shot. That is precisely the fear that Democrats want to perpetuate, especially among their female constituents, in order to advance their gun control agenda.

FOOTNOTE 3: Regarding those so-called “assault weapons,” for much the same reason Democrats focus only on the rare high-profile attacks to generate fear and angst, some of those attacks involve semi-automatic rifles versus pistols, thus the calls to ban them. However, rifles and shotguns of combined are used in less than 3% of all homicides, but Democrats never let facts get in the way of their political agenda.

FOOTNOTE 4: Regarding firearms and violent crime, researcher John Lott reports, “Over 92% of violent crimes in America do not involve firearms.” Again, the only thing keeping that number from being much higher is that 125 million Americans are legal and responsible gun owners.

FOOTNOTE 5: Regarding firearms and suicide, 54% of all deaths involving firearms are suicide, most also involving drugs or alcohol abuse, but the big numbers in “gun violence” reports often do not distinguish between murder and suicide. It would seem that the Demos’ support for assisted suicide is in conflict with their support for gun control.

FOOTNOTE 6: Regarding alcohol v firearm deaths, Demos should ban alcohol because alcohol abuse is far more deadly than firearm abuse. More than 140,000 people died from alcohol abuse last year – that’s SEVEN times the number homicides associate with fire arms. Drunk drivers are responsible for 28 deaths per day. And notably, it is estimated that alcohol is also a key factor in at least 30% of homicides involving a firearm. (Include illegal drug use and that number jumps to about 60%.)

If Democrats are serious about homicides, they should outlaw alcohol. Problem is, the vast majority of alcohol users possess and use it legally and responsibly. Likewise, the vast majority of firearm owners possess and use them legally and responsibly. Enacting a prohibition on firearms is tantamount to enacting a prohibition on alcohol. In both cases, only law-abiding users obey the laws, while lawless users don’t.

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