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The Patriot Post is a highly acclaimed Journal of Liberty. Our Mid-Day Digest editorial team reviews thousands of reputable news, policy and opinion pages in order to provide you a concise, informative and entertaining summary of the most important issues today. We are a touchstone for Liberty and First Principles. The Patriot Post is a leading advocate of individual rights and responsibilities, the restoration of constitutional limits on government and the judiciary, and the promotion of free enterprise, national defense and traditional American values. Our daily analysis is an indispensable tool for enlisting others to join our ranks and equip them to take a stand.

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Current policy and culture experts and commentators:

Heritage Foundation President Emeritus, Edwin Feulner, PhD: "The best Websites wield remarkable influence in the marketplace of ideas. The Patriot Post is a 'must read' for informed conservatives."

Constitutional Advocate, Michael Reagan: "The vision and legacy of the Reagan Revolution flourish on the pages of The Patriot Post."

Economist, Walter E. Williams, PhD: "The Patriot Post does a yeoman's job advocating for the moral superiority of personal Liberty and its key ingredient, limited government, as specified by our Founders."

Conservative Analyst, Cal Thomas: "The Patriot Post interprets current issues in the conservative context of history."

Former House Speaker and Historian, Newt Gingrich, PhD: “The Patriot Post gets it right, with clarity and consistency!”

Constitutional Scholar, Larry Arnn, PhD: "Daniel Webster was right, 'God grants liberty only to those who love it and are always ready to guard and defend it.' Patriot Post readers understand that commission."

Former Education Secretary, Bill Bennett, PhD, JD: "The Patriot Post is leading the charge in the battle to restore America's values — a vital ally on the front...."

Constitutional Advocate, Sen. Rand Paul, MD: "The Patriot Post provides a clear and substantial voice for America's Constitutional Conservatives."

Former House Majority Leader, Dick Armey, PhD: "Simply put, The Patriot Post cuts through the clutter and delivers timely, accurate, and colorful accounts of the week's most important news and policy issues. It's a mandatory read."

Former Sen. Jim DeMint, MBA: "With the best in conservative commentary and a tremendous wealth of historical resources, The Patriot Post sets the record straight, keeping Americans informed about what's at stake in the political debates today."

Acton Institute Senior Fellow, Marvin Olasky, PhD: "Liberals say and do so many nutty things. The Patriot Post puts them all in a nutshell — easy to crack and fun to read."

Cultural Scholar, Alan Keyes, PhD: "The Patriot Post recalls the noble tradition of our Founders. 'Publius' would have admired and endorsed The Patriot Post, as do I."

American Spectator Editor in Chief, R. Emmett Tyrrell, MA: "The Patriot Post is an indispensable resource for sound conservative opinion."

Syndicated Radio Host, Laura Schlessinger, PhD: "The Patriot Post is the most informative and witty publication on the Internet. I read every issue!"

Accuracy in Media Director, Cliff Kincaid: "Mark Alexander is the recipient of the 2007 AIM Award for Grassroots Journalism. It is an honor to be associated with Mark and PatriotPost.US."

Military members of our National Advisory Board:

GEN, U.S. Army (Ret.): "The Patriot Post is read by soldiers around the world, and its timeless message of Liberty is an inspiration for our brave war fighters."

LtGen, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.): "The unapologetic affirmation of Liberty in every edition of The Patriot Post is a touchstone for our Marines."

VADM, U.S. Navy (Ret.): "The Patriot Post reaches out to our sailors, affirming their service and sacrifice to ensure the flame of Liberty burns bright."

Lt Gen, U.S. Air Force (Ret.): "Our nation's legacy of Liberty shines through in every edition of The Patriot!"

Friends past:

Ronald Reagan's White House Chief of Staff Howard Baker, JD (1925-2014): "Thank you for your confidence in and efforts to sustain the Reagan legacy."

Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson, JD (1942-2015): "The Patriot Post's message provides a critical touchstone for politicians who have forgotten whom they serve."

Lyn Nofziger, "North Star" of the Reagan Revolution (1924-2006): "The Patriot Post not only does the best job of putting important news, policy and opinion in proper context, but also of cutting down to size the pompous praters and propagandists on the left."

Author Charles Colson, JD (1931-2012): "The Patriot Post is a refreshing antidote to the mainstream media establishment, and an invaluable resource for straight thinkers."

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan (1921-2016): "I want to tell you how grateful I am for all Mark Alexander has done for our nation. Ronnie felt, as do I, that much of his administration's success at home and abroad was due, in part, to your efforts. The President was deeply indebted to you and I thank you for extending his legacy in support of Liberty to the next generation."

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