August 18, 2000

Amerika2000 — The Demo-Vision

In the news this week, Sociocrats gathered their Clintonista faithful in Los Angeles for their “Amerika2000” convention. The theme: “Prosperity, Progress and Peace.” Its title notwithstanding, the Demo affair clearly delineated between the competing visions of the liberals and conservatives – specifically pertaining to the role of the central government. The Democrats advocate “diversity, socialized economic justice and personal dependence on government” while the Republicans advocate “unity, free enterprise, liberty and personal responsibility.”

The gathering was hosted by convention chairman Terrence R. McAuliffe, who, like most of Al Gore’s “inner circle,” has been the subject of corruption probes by the Justice Department (that Janet “Stonewall” Reno derailed).

Two weeks ago, the Democrats launched complaints that the RNC had “stacked” its podium with “diverse” speakers to appear “inclusive” (the theme for both conventions this year), but that when the cameras scanned the delegates, there was not much “diversity” to be seen. Of course, Republicans did stack the podium, but what the Democrats and their media have not talked much about is the fact that the 4,300 DNC delegates were all selected by quotas – quotas for race, gender, religion and sexual orientation (including the “transgendered,” despite the fact there is no such thing as “transgendered”). In other words, when the cameras panned the delegates at the Demo convention, what you saw was completely contrived.

And the DNC contrivance does not really “look like America.” For example, 30% of the Demo-neers are union members, but only 14% of working Americans are unionized. More than 20% of the delegates were black, but only 12% of Americans are black.

As for the care and feeding of the common folks in the skyboxes, “The people who are giving the party $500,000 are not giving it so they can have a minibar with some hot dogs,” said DNC press secretary Jenny Backus.

Los Angeles is as close as the Sociocrats could locate to their sycophant benefactors in Hollywood – without actually being on the set of “The West Wing.” And, typical of consummate liberal hypocrisy, preceding the opening ceremonies, Joe Lieberman said: “My message to Hollywood and the entertainment industry has always been…too much of what comes out is too full of violence and sex and instability and it is bad for our children.” Then he went to a fund-raiser hosted by David Saltzman, former producer of a great example of what Lieberman is, ostensibly, opposed to, “The Jenny Jones Show,” where attendees paid up to $25,000 to meet the veep.

Lieberman also said that Al Gore has no obligation to return large contributions to Playboy’s Hugh Hefner, that moral icon. “I don’t think that he has to and I don’t think that he should.”

This hypocrisy is tantamount to, say, Lieberman taking large contributions from oil companies even though Gore/Lieberman’s Web site proclaims their first priority is “fighting against big oil.” Oops, according to FEC records, Koch Industries, Texaco and Atlantic Richfield are major contributors to Lieberman’s Senate campaign.

The convention opened with a prayer from Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony. The good Cardinal prayed, among other things, to protect the lives of “unborn children.” “In you, oh God, we trust…that you will keep us ever committed to protect the life and well-being of all people but especially unborn children….” (Apparently, he was at the wrong party.)

“It was very impolite of him to do that,” said convention delegate Pat Patton. “He should have been very well aware of our platform. We certainly support a woman’s choice to make her own decision.”

The podium was dominated by feministas in an effort to distance the Vice Prevaricator from the Great Prevaricator, a rape suspect, Gore praised as “one of our greatest presidents” at his impeachment acquittal party. Lieberman changed his impeachment tune – along with every other note – this week, saying, “[He] has done some great things for America while he’s been president. [He brought the Democrat Party] to a whole new ground…really reconnecting with the values of the American people….”

Of course, the main event was the genesis of yet another version of Al Gore (8.0), this one designed to improve the performance of presidential poll hard drives. “This is not just an election between my opponent and me,” Gore said in accepting the Democratic nomination. “It’s about our people, our families, and our future, and whether forces standing in your way will keep you from having a better life.”

“Forces standing in your way” was a resonant theme in Gore’s speech, invoking one force in particular among conservatives listeners – the central government – though perhaps he was referring to “galactic forces.” Gore’s comments were, typically, replete with the classist Demo-goguery of the old guard.

To help translate all the Demo-goguery this week, we are providing excerpts from the most notable speeches – with translation from Demospeak to – the truth! See this week’s “Politics” feature.


I’ve watched [Al Gore] as Bill’s trusted partner in the White House. Together they made the hard decisions to renew our nation’s economy and our national spirit, to advance democracy and defend freedom around the world…. [Just the two of them?]

…You know, in 1992 Bill and Al promised to put people first. That simply meant that when people live up to their responsibilities, we ought to live up to ours, and give them the tools and opportunities they need to build better lives. [Responsibility is not a word readily associated with this administration. And it is not the job of government to “give tools and opportunities.”]

…What will it take to make sure no child in America is left behind in the 21st century? [Most politicians can make “left behinds” of themselves.]

…You know, I still believe it takes a village, and it certainly takes Al Gore and Joe Lieberman. [The next administration of “Village Idiots.”]

…It’s time to honor parents’ pain by passing common sense gun safety laws that keep guns out of the hands of children and criminals. [They don’t work, but HILLARY! knows, like all those Sociocrats tyrants who have gone before, that to enslave the people, they must first be disarmed.]

…I’ve listened – I’ve listened to parents distressed about a culture that too often glorifies violence. [That explains why there have been more “Hollywood Glitterati” in the Lincoln Bedroom than in any other administration.]

…Now, you may remember, I had a few ideas about health care…. [She held secret meetings to devise a plan for socializing 15% of the U. S. economy.]

…Let’s elect leaders…who don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk. Leaders like Al Gore and Joe Lieberman. [That would be the veep who called Bill Clinton “one of America’s greatest presidents,” and a Senator who condemned Clinton during his impeachment, then promptly voted to acquit.]

…Bill and I are closing one chapter of our lives and soon will be starting a new one. [Please, enough already – just close the book!]


(Clinton’s speech went about 40 minutes. He scored an 85 on the lip-biter index, meaning he knew he was telling more than two whoppers per minute.)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. [Is this a Rolling Stones concert?]

I thank you for supporting the new Democratic agenda that has taken our country to new heights of prosperity, peace and progress. [The country can largely thank Republicans in Congress for the “gridlock” that served as a gauntlet between “prosperity, peace and progress” and Clinton/Gore’s “new Democratic agenda.”]

…Eight years ago…our economy was in trouble…. [Even the most nescient economists concur that the current economic expansion began almost 21 months before Clinton/Gore took office.]

…After 12 years of Republican rule, the federal debt had quadrupled, imposing a crushing burden on our economy and on our children. [We checked, and Democratic majorities in Congress passed most of those budgets!]

…Welfare rolls, crime, teen pregnancy, income and equality; all had been skyrocketing, and our government was part of the problem, not part of the solution. [The last part of this line was plagiarized from Ronald Reagan who said, “Government is not the solution, but rather the cause of our problems.” President Reagan’s advocacy of limited government and free enterprise contributed greatly to the current economy. Statistics bear out that most of the social barometers Clinton mentioned change in correlation with the economy. And did he really say “income and equality had been skyrocketing”? Indeed, they had!]

…And I asked you to embrace new ideas, rooted in enduring values…. You gave me the chance to turn those ideas and values into action after I made one of the very best decisions of my entire life, asking Al Gore to be my partner. [Clinton still insists he is the arbiter of “enduring values.”]

…Now, first we proposed a new economic strategy – get rid of the deficit to reduce interest rates, invest more in our people…. [So, why did Clinton reject a balanced budget amendment to “get rid of the deficit”? And “invest more in our people” is Demospeak for “distribute government largess to enslave Demo constituents.”]

…The GOP wants to spend every dime of our projected surplus and then some – leaving nothing to extend the life of Medicare and Social Security, nothing for emergencies, nothing in case the projected surpluses don’t come in. [“Spend the surplus”? That’s your income he is talking about when he says “spend.” And, clearly, the Republican plan does a better job of addressing Medicare and Social Security than anything Al Gore has proposed. Why didn’t Clinton/Gore “save” these behemoths in their last eight years?]

…Today, the typical American family is paying a lower share of its income in federal income taxes than at any point during the last thirty-five years. [Technically accurate, but the average family now pays 24.5% of their income to the central government while before the “Great Society” they paid about 5%. And state and local taxes have grown unabated.]

…The average family’s income has gone up more than $5,000. [This is because most families have to bring in two incomes just so they can pay their taxes. More than 60% of married mothers with children under six years old have to work outside the home.]

…We are more hopeful because of the way we cut taxes – to help Americans meet the challenges of work and child rearing. …Twenty-five million families will get a $500 child tax credit. [Clinton vetoed the Marriage Penalty Relief Act of 2000 providing an average of $1,400 tax relief to 23 million married couples. Congressional Republicans originally proposed a $1000 child tax credit that Clinton opposed, and he reluctantly signed the $500 credit.]

…Today, we have gone from the largest deficits in history to the largest surpluses in history – and if we stay on course, we can make America debt-free for the first time since 1835. [The Wall Street Journal reported this week: “Another Genesis fable is that the Clinton-Gore team created today’s budget surpluses. But the contraction in federal spending during the 1990s has almost entirely come out of Defense – falling to about 3% of GDP from 5.2%. This is what happens when you win the Cold War, a historic victory made possible by the Reagan defense buildup that contributed to deficits in the 1980s. Bill Clinton is nothing if not lucky.”]

…It took Al Gore’s tie-breaking vote in the Senate to overcome unanimous Republican opposition to deficit reduction. … Fiscal discipline keeps interest rates low and investment rates high – and it has helped fuel America’s remarkable prosperity. [In this case, the “tie-breaking vote” cast by Gore was for the largest tax increase in history – and included the Gore-gas tax. Clinton even admitted to a group of his wealthy benefactors, “I raised your taxes too much.”]

…Now, we’re also more hopeful because we ended welfare as we knew it. [Clinton opposed welfare reform. When it became clear that Congress would have the votes to override his veto, he reluctantly signed on. Subsequently, he undermined that reform by providing “exemptions” to many cities.]

…We’re more hopeful because we’re turning our schools around with higher standards, more accountability, more investment. [Numerous studies show that “investing” in more teachers and better facilities does not necessarily improve education.]

…But we Democrats also insisted on support for good parenting. [By taxing marriage and promoting abortion and homosexuality?]

…Twenty-two million new jobs later…. [Clinton really thinks he did it all by himself. But America’s thriving economy and prosperity are the result of what’s left of free enterprise and hard work and ingenuity of the American people.]

…We have set aside more land in the lower 48 states than any administration since Teddy Roosevelt. Saving national treasures like Yellowstone, the great California Redwoods, the Florida Everglades. [Especially when it restricts mining in some areas, which, in turn, benefits some of Clinton/Gore’s largest campaign contributors.]

…Celebrating our diversity, affirming our common humanity, opposing all forms of bigotry from church burnings to racial profiling to murderous hate crimes. [The fact is, the “church burnings” and “hate crimes” were nothing more than political hoaxes to appease special constituencies. There was no conspiracy to burn churches and most “hate crimes” are black on white.]

…And, and we created Americorps, which already has given more than 150,000 of our young people a chance to earn some money for college by serving in our communities. [And we thought they were “volunteers.”]

…We are more secure and we are more free because of our leadership in the world for peace, freedom and prosperity, helping to end a generation of conflict in northern Ireland, stopping a brutal ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Kosovo and bringing the Middle East closer than ever to a comprehensive peace. [We are more secure because of the policies of Ronald Reagan and George Bush, and as for “stopping a brutal ethnic cleansing” … so much for Rwanda.]

…Now, the American military is the best trained, best equipped, most effective fighting force in the world. [That explains why so many grunts are subsisting on food stamps in slum housing, training and serving with depleted supplies and morale.]

…Now, now, my fellow Americans, that is the record. Or as that very famous Los Angeles detective, Sergeant Joe Friday used to say, “Just the facts, ma'am.” [Of course, Bill Clinton is the guy we all think of when someone needs “just the facts.”]

And today, today America faces another choice.

…I just want to tell all of you here in this great arena and all the folks watching and listening at home a few things that I know about Al Gore. … And he always told me exactly what he thought was right. [The Vice Prevaricator who told us, “Yes, I believe Bill Clinton,” and went on to proclaim you “one of America’s greatest presidents”? ]

…More than anybody else I have known in public life, Al Gore understands the future, and how sweeping change and scientific breakthroughs will affect ordinary Americans lives and I think we need somebody in the White House at the dawn of the 21st century who really understands the future. [Didn’t Al Gore invent the future?]

…Republicans say we have a big projected ten-year surplus, and they want to spend every dime of it and then some on tax cuts right now. [This is why we call him, “The Great Prevaricator.”]

…Gore and Lieberman believe in a woman’s right to choose, and this may be the most important of all. [So, killing children is the “most important” of Clinton’s “enduring values.”]

…In February the American people achieved the longest economic expansion in our history. I asked our folks at the White House when the previous longest economic expansion was. You know when it was? It was from 1961 through 1969. [Of course, the universe is full of economists who understand that, like the current era of prosperity, the seeds for the previous one were nurtured by a Republican administration.]

…And then we had an election in 1968 that took America on a far different and more divisive course, and you know within months after that election the last longest economic expansion in history was itself history. [Fruit of economic seeds planted by the Great Society.]

…Why am I telling you this tonight? Not to take you down, but to keep you looking up. [There is an intern joke in here somewhere.]

…My friends, fifty-four years ago this week I was born in a summer storm to a young widow in a small Southern town. [And there you have it. Clinton deserves no compassion for his actions as president, but he certainly deserves some compassion for his tragic childhood – a childhood from which his pathological narcissism emanates.]

And remember, whenever you think about me…. “Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow.” [Indeed!]


This Democratic Convention is set in that great divide between Beverly Hills and South Central, between the dream makers and dream breakers. [Note: There were no big fund-raisers in South Central L.A.]

…Two weeks ago, in Philadelphia, the nation was treated to a staged show – smoke, mirrors, hired acts the Republicans called inclusion. That was the inclusion illusion. In Philadelphia, diversity ended on the stage. They could not mention the words Africa, Appalachia, or AIDS once. [In L.A., diversity ended with quotas for delegates, and, for the record, Republican delegates heard about AIDS from Patricia Funderburk Ware, who devoted her entire speech to the AIDS epidemic. They heard about Africa from Governor Bush’s foreign policy adviser Condoleezza Rice.]

…Mr. Bush stood for Jefferson Davis and the Confederate flag in South Carolina and Abe Lincoln and the American flag in Baltimore, but Mr. Gore and Lieberman can say one America, one flag. [Perhaps Jesse didn’t know that the “Jefferson” in William Jefferson Clinton came from old Jefferson Davis.]

…Last week, when Al Gore chose Joe Lieberman…he…brought the sons and daughters of slaves and slave masters together with the sons and daughters of holocaust survivors. [That first group must have been very old!]

…Remember the dream of Dr. King. [Perhaps the dream that “one day, my children will be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”]

…Wages are up but have not made up ground after the last 25 years. 45 million Americans have no health insurance. [What have Clinton/Gore been doing for the last eight years?]

…Just look at the Republicans. It’s not just Bush and Cheney, but the grizzled old veterans…. [Speaking of “grizzled old veterans,” next up is that model of moderation, Teddy Kennedy.]

…The question is clear, what shall we do with the surplus? The Gore-Lieberman team says that money should make America stronger. But this contest is not about race or religion. It’s about resource distribution and budget priorities. [“Resource re-distribution,” we think he meant to say.]

…It’s about the airport security workers who have no health insurance. [In L.A., they could use some after being roughed up by young Patrick Kennedy.]

…So tonight I say, America, if we don’t have a prosperity deficit disorder, there is more with Gore…. [What?]


(One must wonder if this victim of a tragic childhood ever actually listened to her father’s speeches on taxation and free enterprise. John F. Kennedy sounded farther to the right than most Republicans dare venture today.)

I feel a special sense of kinship here tonight…. You see, in more ways than one, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the Gore family. For nearly half a century ago, when my father and mother were first getting to know each other, two of the helpful matchmakers were Al Gore’s parents, Albert and Pauline. [Apparently Al (the elder) invented Camelot.]

…I was lucky enough to grow up in a world where adults taught by example. [Which adults would those be? Jack the womanizer? Teddy the sopping womanizer? Grandpa Joe the vote buyer?]

…Now it gives me great pride to introduce to you a man who has never stopped trying, who has worked harder than anyone for the world my father envisioned, whose public service is an inspiration. [A man who has never held a job or spent a dollar that he did not inherit.]

…No Senator has ever achieved more. [At least no Senator who killed a young female campaign worker while driving drunk.] Ladies and gentlemen, Senator Edward M. Kennedy.


I ask you to dedicate yourself to elect Al Gore as the next President and of the United States. There have been only three times in my life that I have supported candidates for President as early and as enthusiastically as I have supported Al Gore. Two of them were my brothers. [Actually, the third was himself.]

…Two weeks ago, at the convention in Philadelphia, we heard a partisan negative attack on the past eight years as a time of lost opportunity and stalemate. Well, I’ve been there on the front lines fighting for working families. [But the most ardent supporters of Sociocrats like Teddy Kennedy and Al Gore do not hail from the ranks of “working families” but from the ranks of those who have, now for generations, been shackled by the welfare state. Inheritance welfare liberals like Kennedy identify with government welfare liberals because neither group has been required to demonstrate the same basic moral Character and spirit of those who have – of their own accord and initiative – sustained their families and supported their communities.]

…This is not the time to play partisan games with human health. Let there be no mistake about it. There is a profoundly deep difference between the Democratic and Republican nominees on this issue – this life and death issue – of health care for all Americans. [Except, of course, the most innocent of all – pre-birth children.]

…Our capacity to do better has never been greater. Let us not turn back to old policies and old ways that favor the few at the expense of the many. [Truly, one of the great classist lines.]


Let me get right to the point – we’re all here to elect the next president of the United States, Al Gore. … With the Supreme Court at stake, Social Security at a crossroads, and the use of our budget surpluses up for grabs, we all know the importance of this election. [An excellent sound bite for George Bush!]

…But this election is not merely a choice between two individuals. It’s a choice between two philosophies of leadership. It’s a choice between a Republican Party that is determined to give the fruits of our hard-won prosperity to those who don’t need the help, and a Democrat Party that promises to use this great opportunity to provide…. [And whose “fruits of our hard-won prosperity” would Mr. Bradley be speaking of?]

…It’s a choice: Are we going to go back to the politics of haves and have-nots? Or are we going to invest in the future of America? [More great classist rhetoric from a true class warrior.]

…We don’t window dress diversity – we’re the party of diversity. [See the previous reference about “delegate quotas.”]

…When the founders of our republic said that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were the unalienable rights of all Americans, they didn’t say anything about taking turns. They didn’t say that it was your turn today to have life and liberty, but not tomorrow. Or that it was your turn tomorrow to pursue happiness, but not today. [Precisely, and they never intended for the central government, as envisioned by classist Sociocrats like Bradley, to make such allocations!]

…There’s a great wave beginning in this country. … It will break the grip of political lies on our imagination. It will put the people back in politics and usher in a new day full of hope and honesty, full of humanity and caring. A day that Americans yearn for…let us have the courage to make that day come… now. [Another fine endorsement of Governor George Bush!]

…I endorse Al Gore! [How can you trust a man endorsing Al Gore when he recently asked Gore, “[W]hy should we believe that you will tell the truth as president if you don’t tell the truth as a candidate”?]


Is America a great country, or what? Ten days ago, with courage and friendship, Al Gore asked me to be his running mate. [“Courage and friendship,” perhaps. But also as an admission that Gore badly needed some moral cover – just not too much – to distance himself from the failings of Clinton while keeping partisan ties intact.]

…In the early 1960s, when I was a college student, I walked with Martin Luther King in the March on Washington. [And so did a lot of conservatives now falsely vilified as racists by the leftist wing of the Democrat Party, such as the much-maligned former Rep. Robert Dornan and NRA’s Charlton Heston. Since they marched with you … what does their conservatism make them – chopped liver?]

…In my life I have tried to see this world through the eyes of those who have suffered discrimination. And that’s why I believe that the time has come to tear down the remaining walls of discrimination in this nation based on race, gender, nationality or sexual orientation. And that’s why I continue to say, when it comes to affirmative action… …mend it, don’t end it. [A few years ago, Lieberman had positive comments about California’s Prop. 209, which prevented state government recognition of race and sex in programs to provide preferential and unequal treatment of citizens, giving Lieberman a more centrist position on this issue than GW Bush has taken. Lieberman has also spoken against government quotas in the past; adopting meaningless but memorable Clintonian rhetoric on affirmative action appears to be among the first position “two-step” maneuvers required of Lieberman’s new role.]

…For more than 20 years Al Gore has been a leader on the environment. [Gore’s environmentalism is of the extremist-alarmist variety, based on junk science predictions of unproven global warming, so his “leadership” is down the wrong path.]

…Al Gore and I are the only candidates in this race who will extend access to health care coverage to every single child in America. [HillaryCare in incremental stages….]

…Our opponents want to use America’s hard-earned surplus to give a tax break to those who need it least… …at the expense of all our other needs. Under their plan, the middle class gets a little… …and the wealthy get a lot. [Demos used to deride tax cuts as “trickle down” economics; now they’ve moved to attack spin #2. But it’s not the government’s money – taxpayers earned it and deserve to be repaid what they were overcharged.]

…Long before it became popular, Al and Tipper led a crusade to renew the moral center of this nation, to call America to live by its highest ideals. He knows that in many Americans, there is a swelling sense that our standards of decency and civility have eroded. No parent should be forced to compete with popular culture to raise their children. […Which certainly doesn’t square with holding the Demo Convention near Hollywood, taking big bucks campaign donations from purveyors of that competing “popular culture,” and just narrowly escaping Rep. Loretta Sanchez’s planned fund-raiser at the Playboy Mansion.]

…We may wonder where the next frontier really is. Tonight I believe that the next frontier isn’t just in front of us… …but inside of us… …to overcome the differences that are still between us… …to break down the barriers that remain… …and to help every American claim the limitless possibilities of their own lives. [And if the “next frontier” is inside of us, then we really can’t check on how we’re exploring it so as to hold overpromising politicians accountable, can we? And when it comes to limiting the possibilities that Americans claim for their lives, what political group has done more than leftist Democrats?]


I speak tonight of gratitude, achievement, and high hopes for our country. Tonight, I think first of those who helped get me here…I ‘m honored tonight by the support of a leader of high ideals and fundamental decency, who will be an important part of our country’s future – Senator Bill Bradley. [And whatever cabinet or administration position Bradley wants in exchange for his endorsement after all the acrimony, Bradley gets.]

There’s someone else who will shape that future – a leader of character and courage. A defender of the environment, and working families – The next Vice President of the United States, Joe Lieberman. I picked him for one simple reason: he’s the best person for the job. […The job of getting Gore out from under the huge shadow of Bill Clinton, and possibly getting Gore elected.]

For almost eight years now, I’ve been the partner of a leader who moved us out of the valley of recession and into the longest period of prosperity in American history. [Like Clinton did all that by himself!]

…working families…. [This phrase, most recently championed by Gary Bauer, appeared seven times in Gore’s speech.]

…So often, powerful forces and powerful interests stand in your way, and the odds seemed stacked against you – even as you do what’s right for you and your family. [Central government forces….]

…I believe we must challenge a culture with too much meanness, and not enough meaning. [And who is more responsible for that “meanness” than Bill Clinton, who claimed that anyone who merely disagreed was a “hater”? And who removed meaning more than the man who argued that “it all depends on what the meaning of 'is’ is”?]

And as President, I will stand with you for a goal that we share: to give more power back to the parents…. [And just who took that power away?]

…My parents taught me that the real values in life aren’t material but spiritual. [For the record, Gore claims to be from Carthage, Tennessee but he actually grew up on the top floor of the very prestigious luxury Fairfax Hotel for 20 years – which became the Ritz-Carlton Washington, D.C. Recall that when Al Gore Sr. left the Senate in 1972, he went to work for Armand Hammer’s Occidental Petroleum, operating the company’s coal subsidiary. So little Al was raised on petroleum and coal dollars…which paid for his education in elite private schools.]

…I enlisted in the Army because I knew if I didn’t go, someone else in the small town of Carthage, Tennessee would have to go in my place. I was an Army reporter in Vietnam. When I was there, I didn’t do the most, or run the gravest danger. But I was proud to wear my country’s uniform. [Al Gore was in Vietnam for a total of 141 days….]

…Our children should not have to draw the breath of life in cities awash in pollution. [But they can only “draw the breath of life” if they aren’t subjected to abortion.]

…On the issue of the environment, I’ve never given up, I’ve never backed down, and I never will. And I say it again tonight: we must reverse the silent, rising tide of global warming. [As if Gore has ever been “silent” in promoting the politicized junk science of global warming….]

…Others talked about welfare reform. We actually reformed welfare…. [Kicking and screaming the whole way!]

…We need to put safety, discipline, and character first in every classroom. [Like Clinton put “safety, discipline and character first” in the Oval Office?] You know, education may be a local responsibility. But I believe it also has to be our number-one national priority. We can’t stop until every school in America is a good place to get a good education. [But only a few minutes later in the speech, Gore stated his adamant opposition to school vouchers – even if local responsibility" decided those would be better for children. So, which is it?]

…If you entrust me with the Presidency, I will put our democracy back in your hands, and get all the special-interest money – all of it – out of our democracy, by enacting campaign finance reform. I feel so strongly about this, I promise you that campaign finance reform will be the very first bill that Joe Lieberman and I send to Congress. [Will that reform include $500 million in soft money usurped from union member dues, or, say, donations from Buddhist nuns?]

…universal health coverage … double the federal investment in medical research … lifelong learning …universal pre-school…. [Economist Stephen Moore estimates the total cost of all Al Gore’s campaign proposals to be $1 trillion….]

…Not so long ago, a balanced budget seemed impossible. Now our budget surpluses make it possible to give a full range of targeted tax cuts to working families. Not just to help you save for college, but to pay for health insurance or child care. To reform the estate tax, so people can pass on a small business or a family farm. And to end the marriage penalty – the right way, the fair way – because we shouldn’t force couples to pay more in income taxes just because they’re married. …I’ll fight for tax cuts that go to the right people – to the working families who have the toughest time paying taxes and saving for the future. [Doesn’t Gore really intend that his targeted tax cuts go to the “left people”?]

…To me, honor is not just a word, but an obligation. [Gore went on to define that “obligation” by promising a plethora of government programs and special interest laws.]

…And we’ll support the right of parents to decide that one of them will stay home longer with their babies if that’s what they believe is best for their families. [In many cases, they could both afford to stay home if government taxes and regulations didn’t make one income insufficient.]

…I will protect and defend a woman’s right to choose. The last thing this country needs is a Supreme Court that overturns Roe v. Wade. [Gore simply can’t bring himself to say the word “mother” or “abortion” when talking about killing children. Gore point, “the last things this country needs” is respect for the universal right to life for all humans.]

…As a Senator, I broke with many in our party and voted to support the Gulf War when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait – because I believed America’s vital interests were at stake. [Well, Gore did eventually … once Senate Majority Leader (at the time) Bob Dole offered him a prime-time speaking slot to explain his pro-Gulf War vote.]

…Sometimes, you have to choose to do what’s difficult or unpopular. Sometimes, you have to be willing to spend your popularity in order to pick the hard right over the easy wrong. [Gore’s closing remarks, amazingly, imply that the “hard right” is a better political choice for our country than the “easy wrong.” As proud members of the “hard right,” we agree!]

Footnote: By 2020, most of Gore’s net worth, estimated to be $300 million, is the result of market growth of his share from the sale of Current TV network in 2013, sold to Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani for $500 million. Gore pocketed $100 million. Every dime of that profit was from oil revenue…and Gore provided the Middle East with what is now the most significant propaganda machine against Israel. (Which is why we fondly refer to him as al-Gore, as in al-Qa'ida.) Gore then invested in sweet heart deals with companies like Apple which accounts for his current net worth. So Gore grew up on coal dollars, and owes most of what he has today to petroleum dollars.

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The Patriot Post is steadfast in our mission to extend the endowment of Liberty to the next generation by advocating for individual rights and responsibilities, supporting the restoration of constitutional limits on government and the judiciary, and promoting free enterprise, national defense and traditional American values. We are a rock-solid conservative touchstone for the expanding ranks of grassroots Americans Patriots from all walks of life. Our mission and operation budgets are not financed by any political or special interest groups, and to protect our editorial integrity, we accept no advertising. We are sustained solely by you. Please support The Patriot Fund today!

The Patriot Post and Patriot Foundation Trust, in keeping with our Military Mission of Service to our uniformed service members and veterans, are proud to support and promote the National Medal of Honor Heritage Center, the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, both the Honoring the Sacrifice and Warrior Freedom Service Dogs aiding wounded veterans, the National Veterans Entrepreneurship Program, the Folds of Honor outreach, and Officer Christian Fellowship, the Air University Foundation, and Naval War College Foundation, and the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation. "Greater love has no one than this, to lay down one's life for his friends." (John 15:13)


“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!” —George Washington

Please join us in prayer for our nation — that righteous leaders would rise and prevail and we would be united as Americans. Pray also for the protection of our Military Patriots, Veterans, First Responders, and their families. Please lift up your Patriot team and our mission to support and defend our Republic's Founding Principle of Liberty, that the fires of freedom would be ignited in the hearts and minds of our countrymen.

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