Right Hooks

Nobody Likes Obama Anymore

Too bad they didn't figure it out in 2012.

Jan. 22, 2014

One year ago Monday, Barack Obama once again took the oath of office that he has no intention of keeping. At the time, his job approval rating was 52% with disapproval at 43% – a comfortable position after his election victory in 2012. Then he chose to shamelessly exploit the deaths of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary. Once his gun control agenda fell flat, however, scandal took hold – Benghazi, the IRS and the appalling launch of ObamaCare. Now, a year after his second inauguration, Obama’s approval ratings have reversed: 43% approval and 52% disapproval. In our opinion, though, that’s still far too high and far too late for a decline. He still has three years to go, buyer’s remorse notwithstanding.

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