Right Hooks

An Honest Hillary-ism

Watch out. She's done being careful, guys.

Jun. 16, 2014

So this explains all the Hillary-isms of late. We’ve been busy keeping up with all the crazy Hillary Clinton has been saying, like her “dead broke” comment, her “not equipped” explanation of Benghazi, and her chest-thumping “restored America’s leadership” boast. In a recent interview, she explained, “Maybe it’s the wonderful wealth of experience that I’ve now had. Maybe it’s because I’m totally done with being really careful with what to say because somebody might think this instead of that.” She continued, saying American politics could use more civil discussions. “Maybe I’m trying to model that. I don’t know, and it feels a little bit liberating to be honest.” Perhaps Hillary, who changes political tunes about as often as she changes hairstyles, is trying out a campaign slogan for 2016: “Sorry ‘bout the hope 'n change. At least we’ll be honest.”

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