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No Complaints Over 'Redskins'

Public silent on issue to trademark board.

Jul. 2, 2014

Before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board stripped the Washington Redskins of trademark protection, the organization received exactly no correspondence (i.e., zero complaints) from the general public about the football team’s brand. In an investigation by The Washington Times, “A Freedom of Information Act request … asking for any communications from Congress or the public produced just 13 pages of records. Six of those pages were a handwritten, meandering letter from a man in Lubbock, Texas, whose position on the team name controversy isn’t clear. Another writer congratulated the appeals board after its decision but questioned whether the judges would ‘go after’ the United Negro College Fund. Both letters were sent after the ruling.” But the trademark appeals board did listen to someone – namely, the shrill voices of 50 liberal senators with nothing better to do than foment politically correct bitterness. More…

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