Right Hooks

Perry Campaigns Off Mug Shot

Aug. 25, 2014

T-shirts! Get your t-shirts! After Texas Governor Rick Perry was booked at a Texas Courthouse after he was accused of abusing power, he turned around and used the mug shot as a campaign fundraiser. His political action committee, RickPAC, is selling Perry’s mug on a t-shirt for 25 bucks. On the back, the PAC included the booking picture of Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, who was told by Perry to step down after she was arrested for drunk driving. If you’re going to pull of this stunt like this, you must remember perception is everything. Suit up, and when the shutter is just about to go, suck in the stomach, throw the shoulders back and give the coppers that confident smile. It also good to get arrested for something admirable, like civil disobedience, or doing your job. Whatever you do, don’t stand there like a smash-faced drunk. Or wear a t-shirt at your next booking that has a picture of your old mug shot. More…

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