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National Security

Marking the Anniversary of 9/11

Today we solemnly mark the 13th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001.

Sep. 11, 2014

Today we solemnly mark the 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attack on our nation, when 2,977 innocents, mostly American citizens, were murdered by Islamic fascists. In keeping with the presidential proclamation designating Sept. 11 of each year as Patriot Day, all flags should be flown at half-staff in memory of those who lost their lives that day.

We invite you to join us as we offer our prayers for the families of those lost and for our Armed Forces now serving on the front lines of the Long War against Jihadistan. We are already paying the price of appeasement and tolerance in the Middle East against a jihadi foe that is alive and well. The rise of ISIL proves the need for vigilance.

Columnist Arnold Ahlert writes, “Nothing reveals the utter bankruptcy of the progressive love affair with moral relativism, non-judgmentalism and multiculturalism better than 9/11. For the briefest of moments, it became utterly impossible to convince the American public that evil is in the eye of the beholder, that we mustn’t reach any larger conclusions about those who killed nearly 3,000 Americans, or that Islamo-fascism and American exceptionalism have a more or less equal status in the panoply of world cultures. For the briefest of moments, American were snapped out of their self-absorbed and self-inflicted torpor, their pettiness, and their reflexive ideology. For the briefest of moments, the nation was united by a steely resolve, borne first out of fear, but morphing quickly into righteous anger.

"It is the remembrance of those attitudes for one day each year that scares the hell out of the American Left.

"Thus they set about undermining those ‘threats,’ and sad to say, they have largely succeeded. A large swath of the American public is now permanently disengaged, many of the things that divide us are laughably petty, and the contempt that most people demonstrate for those with whom they politically disagree, is palpably thick. Worse, Americans are ‘war weary,’ even as those who would exterminate us are anything but.

"It is apparent that Americans need constant reminding this nation is referred to as the Great Satan by those who constantly remind us that they will do anything they can to bring America to its knees. And while it is good the public has expressed a hearty support for ‘striking’ ISIS, it remains unclear whether they understand that airstrikes alone will likely be insufficient to accomplish the much-needed task of breaking the enemy’s will, which is the ultimate prerequisite for achieving victory and discouraging jihadist wannabes.”

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