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It's Official: Islam a Religion of Peace Because Kerry Said So

Sep. 18, 2014

Secretary of State John Kerry wants everybody to know: Islam is the Religion of Peace™ and terrorism is a crime under Sharia law, punishable by beheading. It is thus because the government said so. “We must continue to repudiate the gross distortion of Islam that ISIL is spreading,” he said to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, “put an end to the sermons by extremists that brainwash young men to join these movements and commit mass atrocities in the name of God. I was very encouraged to hear that Saudi Arabia’s top clerics came out and declared terrorism a heinous crime under Sharia law and that the perpetrators should be made an example of.” But what Kerry doesn’t say is the comments could very well be politically motivated by Saudi Arabia, a nation feeling threatened by ISIL and wanting to create distance from the group ideologically. More…

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