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Anti-Gun Gurus in Chicago Dealt Another Blow

Oct. 1, 2014

Second Amendment opponents in Chicago were just dealt another blow. After a court struck down a law banning gun ranges within city limits, council members approved legislation to comport with the ruling. Or at least that’s the argument aldermen tried to sell. The wryly crafted law turned out to be just another ploy – citing “public safety,” the council confined gun ranges to just 10% of the city. Thanks to a lawsuit led by the Illinois State Rifle Association, this infringement was show down too. According to the ruling, the defendants failed to provide “data or empirical evidence that any criminal impact would occur due to the presence of a firing range or that it would be lessened by placing ranges in manufacturing districts.” Not everything in the ruling was positive. For example, “The judge also ruled that banning minors from firing ranges was constitutional since minors don’t have any rights,” notes pro-gun blogger Nick Leghorn, “but there may be grounds for appeal on that matter.” All told, however, “it was a win in Chicago,” Leghorn surmises. “The arguments of city government were once again found to have no basis in fact.” DC: Take note. More…

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