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DEA Wants the Power to Use Your Racy Photos

Oct. 8, 2014

The Drug Enforcement Agency is arguing in court it has the right to take photos from someone’s phone, publish them online and impersonate that person on Facebook. Timothy Sinnigen, a DEA agent, took photos from Sondra Prince’s phone to impersonate the woman on Facebook for the greater good of catching more suspects in a drug ring. The photos included pictures of the woman’s child, racy photos of Prince posing on top of a car and another in her underwear. Anita Allen, a law professor at University of Pennsylvania, said, “It reeks of misrepresentation, fraud, and invasion of privacy. … I may allow someone to come into my home and search, but that doesn’t mean they can take the photos from my coffee table and post them online.” When anonymous hackers break into the iCloud and steal celebrity photos, actress Jennifer Lawrence calls it a “sex crime.” But the government justifies the same action when that woman is a common citizen associated with suspects in a drug ring. More…

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