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Boots on the Ground — in Liberia

Oct. 17, 2014

Ebola is the top headline in the non-stop news cycle, and Barack Obama is going to do something about it. Not stop flights from Africa or take any other reasonable measures here in the States, but he’s going to put boots on the ground in Liberia. NBC News reports, “President Barack Obama issued an executive order on Thursday paving the way for the deployment of National Guard and Reserve forces to West Africa to help contain the Ebola outbreak there. Under the mandate, the secretaries of defense and homeland security can order to active duty some members of the Selected Reserve and the Individual Ready Reserve mobilization.” We think he might be confused about the phrase “fight Ebola.” Meanwhile, according to the Daily Beast, “Soldiers preparing for deployment to West Africa are given just four hours of Ebola-related training before leaving to combat the epidemic.”

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