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School District Conflates Ferguson Riots With Boston Tea Party

Dec. 4, 2014
A meme by Mike Kaechele, a Michigan-based teacher.

The rioting that followed the fatal shooting of Michael Brown is a lesson in how not to respond to a verdict. But one school district is seemingly fanning the flames of racial grievance by conflating the mayhem in Ferguson with the Boston Tea Party. A guide distributed by Wisconsin’s Madison Metropolitan School District, “Preparing to discuss results of the Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri with students,” provides teachers with resources to formulate their talking points, though the guide may as well serve as the district’s opinion on the matter at hand. Included on the list is a link titled “Comparing Ferguson to the Boston Tea Party,” an article by Michigan-based teacher Mike Kaechele, who challenges students to explain how the two events are dissimilar. Here’s one key difference: The Patriots who launched the Boston Tea Party weren’t rioting; they were revolting in protest of oppressive British taxation and tyrannical rule. What has transpired in Ferguson is exactly why our Founders believed in Rule of Law, not the rule of men, because preconceived sentiments do not ensure justice. More…

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