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Clinton on American Racism

Dec. 5, 2014

The Left looks at what happened in Ferguson and New York City and they place blame in the wrong places. Hillary Clinton told an audience in Boston, “[D]espite all the progress we’ve made together, African-Americans, and most particularly, African-American men, are still more likely to be stopped and searched by police, charge with crimes, and sentenced to longer prison terms. The United States has less than 5% of the world’s population, yet we have almost 25% of the world’s total prison population. It is because we have allowed our criminal justice system to get out of balance.” While a justice system created and run by man is permeated by injustice, the fault also lies within the hearts of men under the system. Charles Barkley, member of the NBA Hall of Fame, told CNN, “We as black people – we got a lot of crooks! We can’t just wait until something like [Ferguson] happens, we have to look ourselves in the mirror. There’s a reason they racially profile us.” There is something to be said for prison reform, but Barkley is right about black culture.

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