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Reid Vows to Block 'Crazy' Bills

Dec. 10, 2014

As Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid blocked a huge number of House bills from ever reaching the Senate floor. The old obstructionist will soon be back in his role as leader of the minority, and he vows to still block any Republican bill he deems “crazy.” He told Politico, “I believe that my job in my Democratic Caucus is to try to pass legislation. I’m anxious to do it. I want to do some mainstream things. But I believe that if [Republicans] want to try to do all this crazy stuff, we’re getting out of that stream. … If it’s not mainstream, they’re not going to have us to play with.” According to Reid, “crazy stuff” includes corporate tax reform. Not crazy stuff is Barack Obama’s international trade deals. In Reid’s addled mind, Obama’s agenda – even when Reid personally disagrees – is not crazy. Any Republican ideas: crazy. Surely not all the bills originating in the House when Reid spiked them as he led the majority were crazy. Such a profile in bipartisanship. More…

Correction: The link above is corrected to send readers interested in additional information to the correct source.

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