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Sebelius Thinks Problem With ObamaCare Is Branding

Dec. 11, 2014

We’re not the stupid American voters Kathleen Sebelius thinks we are. The former HHS secretary declared the “Affordable” Care Act would be a smashing success if it wasn’t named after the unpopular president. “I think we may need to call it something in the future different [sic], but it is working. ObamaCare, no question, has a very bad brand that has been driven intentionally by a lot of misinformation and a lot of paid advertising,” she said, without a hint of irony. Sebelius, who recently challenged the financial literacy of her fellow Americans, may not want to admit it’s not the law’s name that makes nearly 60% of Americans support repealing it. We don’t like the law because it disrupts our lives and redistributes our wealth. And because it was sold on a pack of lies. And because it encroaches on the Constitution, the free market and Liberty. More…

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