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Congressional Staffers Perpetuate 'Hands Up Don't Shoot' Myth

Dec. 12, 2014

About 100 congressional staffers and legislators stood on the steps of the Capitol Thursday with their hands in the air, making the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” gesture made infamous by protesters in Ferguson in response to the killing of Michael Brown by a police officer. The Congressional Black Associates organized the event to protest the instances where white police officers shot large, but otherwise unarmed, black men, supposedly examples of police officers being racist. Chaplain for the Senate Barry Black prayed, “Forgive us when we have failed to lift our voices for those who couldn’t speak or breathe for themselves.” Black continued, “May we not forget that in our history injustice has often been maintained because good people failed to promptly act.” Like the St. Louis Rams (who by the way just donated $50,000 to a police charity to make up for their foolishness), the congressional staffers are perpetuating a myth that the Michael Brown shooting was unjustified. However, the bullet imbedded on the inside of Darren Wilson’s patrol car begs to differ. More…

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