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Break Out the Cuban Cigars for Castro's Visit

Dec. 18, 2014

On the heels of Barack Obama’s Cuban Bay of Pigs fiasco, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest added some astounding news: The administration’s decision to normalize relations with Cuba may include a White House visit by Raul Castro. “The analogy that we’ve tried to draw – or at least identify – is that there are important national security reasons for the president to travel to other countries that have what we would describe, at best, as having checkered human rights records,” Earnest said, noting trips to China and Burma. “Having an open relationship, in which the president engages with the leaders of other countries, can actually serve as a useful way to shine a spotlight on the shortcomings of other countries’ records as it relates to human rights,” he added, concluding, “So I guess the point is, that the president has had the leaders of both Burma and China to the United States. And for that reason, I wouldn’t rule out a visit from President Castro.” How far will this president go to legitimize thug dictators at the expense of our nation’s credibility and moral standing?

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