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Bible Scholar Perez Wants You to Rip Up the Bible

Jan. 8, 2015

The only thing the Bible is good for, in Labor Secretary Thomas Perez’s estimation, is justifying all the Left’s benevolent big-government ideas. At the AFL-CIO’s “Raising Wages” summit, Perez insisted that America must raise the minimum wage because the Bible commands taking care of the poor – as if earning a wage is receiving charity and government compulsion changes people’s hearts. “This is really about biblical teachings,” Perez pontificated. “This is about what is taught in the Koran and what is in the Torah and what we learn about making sure we ‘do unto others.’ … Take the Bible and rip up every page that has a reference to the need to help the poor and the underserved, and the Bible turns into, like, a Newsweek magazine. And that’s what this is about. This is about who we are as a nation.” Perez apparently fancies himself a scholar of holy texts, and yet he recommends ripping up the Bible to divine its true meaning. (Reader advisory: Results may differ if you do the same with the Koran.) Wonder what he thinks about the passages admonishing Liberty and limited government, like God’s warning to Israel about wanting a king. Or did he rip those passages out too? More…

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