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Right Hooks

Mayor Bill de Blasio Can't Be Trusted Even With Varmints

Jan. 9, 2015

The New York City Police Department is not the only organization to lose all trust and respect for NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. The Staten Island Zoo has forbidden the mayor from holding the groundhog during the annual Groundhog Day prediction because de Blasio has a tendency to kill the groundhogs he touches. The New York Post writes, “Mayor de Blasio won’t be killing any more groundhogs – zoo handlers are forbidding the butter-fingered mayor from holding the critter at the annual shadow-sighting ceremony on Feb. 2. … ‘No one will be allowed to touch the groundhog,’ one zoo insider briefed on the new policy told The Post.” Oddly enough, the Post sicced three of its reporters on the story in September. The investigation found the woodchuck died from internal injuries a week after it was dropped and the zoo buried the story faster than a piece of road kill. Nevertheless, with one bungled relationship after the other, de Blasio needs to rethink how he discharges his mayoral duties. More…

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