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Al Sharpton Owes More Taxes

Feb. 2, 2015

Al Sharpton’s nonprofit, the National Action Network, isn’t the only organization of his that owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes. An investigation by National Review shows that every for-profit enterprise the race baiter has started is on the financial rocks because of – you guessed it – taxes. The state has shut down his businesses. Liens were placed against him for owing tens, sometimes hundred of thousands of dollars. He is constantly late when he files his taxes for NAN. A former aide of Sharpton’s, Carl Redding, told National Review, “What he’s doing is negligent. … Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I believe that Sharpton has become so powerful it’s diluting everything about him. The African-American community doesn’t trust Sharpton anymore. He’s living in a fantasy world if he thinks he has credibility.” Sharpton has become a man wearing a borrowed Rolex. And he’s supposed to be the shining spokesman for blacks in this nation? More…

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