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Purple Hearts for Fort Hood Victims

Feb. 9, 2015

After the Obama administration spent years calling Nidal Hasan’s murderous attack at Fort Hood an episode of “workplace violence,” and thus denying Purple Hearts for the victims, sanity has finally prevailed. Announcing the decision, Secretary of the Army John McHugh wrote, “The Purple Heart’s strict eligibility criteria had prevented us from awarding it to victims of the horrific attack at Fort Hood. Now that Congress has changed the criteria, we believe there is sufficient reason to allow these men and women to be awarded and recognized. It’s an appropriate recognition of their service and sacrifice.” Rep. John Carter (R-TX) fought long and hard to win this battle against foolish political correctness. “The victims of this attack have struggled, suffered and been abandoned by this Administration,” he said. “No more. Today is a day of victory and I am honored to have fought on their behalf.” Clearly, Hasan was in contact with foreign terrorists, and shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he pulled the trigger. No jihadi is a lone-wolf, and Hasan’s rampage was a terrorist attack on our men and women in uniform – they deserve appropriate recognition. More…

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