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Cease-Fire in Ukraine May Only Be Temporary Peace

Feb. 12, 2015

As the Gipper once said, “Trust, but verify.” After a night of talks, France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine worked out a cease-fire agreement that is supposed to take effect this Sunday. For months, Russian President Vladimir Putin has waged a proxy invasion in Ukraine because the country used to be the prized territory of the Soviet Empire. And while the violence that has claimed more than 5,300 lives is set to end, the future is still uncertain for Ukraine. Separatists – proxy Russian troops – made territorial gains since the last cease-fire in September quickly disintegrated. Furthermore, Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw writes, “There are a few things which hold me back from too much optimism here and the first one can be summed up in two words: Vladimir Putin. Any deal with Putin relies on the credibility of his word. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 7,259 times, fire me and get a new negotiator.” In short, Putin wants this territory. He’s going to grasp for it, using troops or statecraft. More…

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