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Biden Wants Obama's Third Term

Feb. 13, 2015

Is Joe Biden running for president in 2016? Perhaps. And if he is, he’s already laid out the rationale for his candidacy: To serve Barack Obama’s third term. “I call it sticking with what works,” Biden told a crowd in Iowa, which just happens to be the first caucus state. Biden said the next election would be a referendum on Obama – will we continue his “middle-class economics” plan, or shift to Republicans’ “top-down” vision? “Run on what we have done,” Biden said. “Own what we have done. Stand for what we have done. Acknowledge what we have done.” That didn’t work very well for Democrats in 2014, and the only reason it succeeded in 2012 was that Obama himself was on the ticket against a GOP opponent who was unable to convince voters he cared about them. But Biden asks, “Are we going to continue this resurgence or are we going to return to policies I would argue have failed the country in the past?” If the current erratic economic recovery is what he calls “resurgence,” we’ll opt for Liberty and a real recovery, thanks.

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