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EPA's McCarthy: I Have No Idea What Models Are Projecting

Mar. 5, 2015

First they told us we had to act on global warming because climate computer models predicted a significant rise in global temperatures. That didn’t happen, and the EPA now admits that, despite earlier citing those same models to push its agenda, it doesn’t know what today’s temperature projections look like. On Wednesday, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) confronted EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy about the abysmal track record of climate simulators. “I do not know what the models actually are predicting that you’re referring to,” McCarthy conceded. “There are many models, and sometimes it’s actually going faster and sometimes likely slower than the model predicts. But on the whole it makes no difference to the validity and the robustness of climate science that is telling us that we are facing an absolute challenge that we must address [emphasis added].” Last year, climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer revealed that 95% of climate models have failed spectacularly. Even more appalling, the head of the EPA can’t explain to us what the data suggests, yet she wants to lecture us on “the validity and the robustness of climate science.” She even channeled Hillary Clinton’s “What difference does it make?” And we’re really supposed to believe this agency doesn’t have an agenda?

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