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Presidency Isn't a 'Crown to Be Passed Between Two Families'

Mar. 30, 2015

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley is a likely Democrat primary challenger for Hillary Clinton, but he’s got to figure out a way to break through the inevitability aura Clinton has constructed. Of course, that narrative crumbled in 2008 when she was challenged by a community organizer from Chicago, so who’s to say it’ll stick the second time? O'Malley argues – and we agree – that, in a republic, there’s something undesirable about passing the presidency among family members. “I think our country always benefits from new leadership and new perspectives,” O'Malley said. “Let’s be honest here, the presidency of the United States is not some crown to be passed between two families. It is an awesome and sacred trust that is to be earned and exercised on behalf of the American people.” None of that is to say the office should be entrusted to O'Malley, a true-blue leftist who never saw a tax increase he didn’t like. But he’s got to make his case to Democrat voters somehow.

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