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Fort Hood Victims Finally Awarded Purple Hearts

Apr. 10, 2015

“The Army presented nearly 40 awards Friday morning to survivors of the 2009 Fort Hood shooting and the families of those who were killed to thank them for their sacrifices,” The Washington Times reports. “The presentation of Purple Hearts of its civilian counterpart, the Defense of Freedom Medal, to those affected by the shooting, ends a years-long battle by survivors to reclassify the attack as part of the war on terror.” The Obama administration initially classified Nidal Hasan’s murderous attack — 14 dead, including an unborn baby, and more than 30 wounded — in 2009 as “workplace violence.” After great outcry that Hasan’s motivations were Islamic jihad (he shouted “Allahu akbar”) and that he had outside influence in planning his attack, the Pentagon relented. It’s a small but significant victory over political correctness.

Update: Fox News reports, “Dozens of soldiers and surviving family members of the 2009 Fort Hood shooting are receiving additional Army pay that they felt was long overdue.”

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