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Great. Russia Approves Delivery of Missile Defense to Iran

Dan Gilmore · Apr. 14, 2015

In a snub to Barack Obama’s precious United Nations and the remaining shreds of security in the Middle East, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the potential delivery of $800 million worth of surface-to-air missiles to Iran. If Iran kicked out the inspectors and ramped up its centrifuges, a robust missile defense system would compound the difficulty the U.S. or Israel would have in knocking Iran’s nuclear facilities offline. In 2007, Russia signed a contract with Iran to provide S-300-class missiles, but Russia decided it wouldn’t deliver after the UN Security Council passed a 2010 resolution that sought to limit the nonproliferation of nuclear arms in the country. It was part of Obama’s “reset” with Russia, according to a fact sheet published at the time. “UNSCR 1929 imposes restrictions on Iran’s nuclear activities; its ballistic missile program; and, for the first time, its conventional military,” The White House wrote. “This was a particularly important step for Russia, which has confirmed that it will not deliver S-300 missiles to Iran, in accordance with the new resolution.” Admittedly, it’s a great business move for those with vodka-smashed scruples. If Obama decides to pursue the deal anyway, Russia will be one of the first to profit. More…

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