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Predictably, Hollywood Leftists Continue to Run Water

Dan Gilmore · May 11, 2015
The home of Khloe Kardashian | Courtesy John Chapple and The New York Post

Drought? What drought? While the rest of California fights over who most deserves the state’s mismanaged and now dwindling water supply, some of the most recognizable names in Hollywood have the lushest lawns around. When they live in a house that cost millions of dollars, what’s a fine of a few hundred bucks? The New York Post got aerial photos that showed the mansions of stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Barbra Streisand and Hugh Hefner sporting green lawns and full swimming pools as the surrounding area turns into a tinderbox. As Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw notes, the Hollywood elites are solid Democrats who host parties and fundraisers for Democrats and educate peons in the virtues of water conservation. When California runs out of water, let them drink cabernet sauvignon, right? More…

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