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It's Not Just America Suffering Through a Bad Economy

Jordan Candler · Jun. 3, 2015

Democrats once again blamed first-quarter economic struggles on man-made global warming. Last week, the Commerce Department reported that this year’s January-March GDP was a paltry -0.7%, to which White House economist Jason Furman responded, “[F]irst-quarter underperformance … has tended to increase over the past ten years, in parallel with intensifying winter weather.” That claim, of course, is meant to obfuscate this administration’s failed socialist policies. And America’s wasn’t the only economy to experience subpar performance. Writing in The Washington Post, Ylan Q. Mui reports, “In its forecast for the world economy released Wednesday, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that global growth during the first quarter was the weakest at any point since the crisis. The organization now predicts the global economy will expand at an annual rate of 3.1 percent — much slower than the 4 percent rate it had forecast just a few months ago.” Was “intensifying winter weather” to blame for all that too? More…

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