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Sorry ESPN, Bruce Jenner Isn't Courageous

Nate Jackson · Jul. 16, 2015

Last month, we noted former Olympic Decathlon champion Bruce Jenner’s bizarre transition to “womanhood.” Wednesday night, ESPN awarded him for his “courage,” and the rest of the Leftmedia dutifully celebrated. “Radiant in a white dress at the ESPY Awards on Wednesday, Caitlyn Jenner seemed a woman on top of the world,” gushed Justin Wm. Moyer of The Washington Post. “She was receiving the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage — one of the most prestigious awards in sports — not just for her athletic achievements, but for her very public struggle to come out as transgender.” First, all of Bruce’s athletic achievements occurred while he was still acknowledged as a man. Second, it takes precious little “courage” for a shameless publicity hound to bask in the media’s adulation. Sure he’ll take his share of criticism, even from a liberal journalist like Bob Costas. But fawning reporters and celebrities are lining up to congratulate Bruce on his mental disorder. In a telling line, he declared his mission is “to promote a very simple idea — accepting people for who they are.” That’s ironic given that the only reason he’s in the news is for rejecting who he really is.

In related news, don’t ask your iPhone’s “Siri” about Bruce Jenner, because the phone’s Big Brotherly personal assistant will correct you that it’s “Caitlyn.”

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