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Boehner's Problem in One Quote

"So I set my goal to be speaker."

Publius · Aug. 5, 2015

In a recent interview with the Golf Channel, House Speaker John Boehner explained his career goal: “Some people were pushing me to run for the Senate. I decided I didn’t want to do that, and I made a decision that the rest of my career was gonna be in the U.S. House. So the team said to me, ‘All right, well, the rest of your career’s gonna be in the House. What’s your goal?’ I didn’t know! So I said, ‘Well, if you don’t shoot for the top, why shoot for anything?’ So I set my goal to be speaker.” That’s it? His entire goal was to run the show? Not to do anything? What about an agenda based on defending Liberty? In short, Boehner’s statement exemplifies why conservatives don’t think too highly of him.

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