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Trust Obama and Let Iran Verify

The Iran deal is getting worse all the time.

Nate Jackson · Aug. 20, 2015

“Trust, but verify.” That was Ronald Reagan’s adage when dealing with the Soviet Union, and we have oft remembered it when it comes to Barack Obama’s foolish nuclear deal with Iran. That isn’t to say Obama’s never heard those words. But he missed the memo that you don’t let the other guy do the verifying. We’ve previously reported that Iran will be allowed to control any sampling at the Parchin Weapons Complex rather than the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) collecting the samples. The deal’s 24-day waiting period for IAEA access to nuclear sites is bad enough, but it defies belief that Iran would be allowed to control sampling at Parchin, where past military-related testing had been one of the major sticking points until Obama and John Kerry waved their hands and said it no longer mattered. It matters enormously, and allowing the suspect to control what evidence is presented for review is incomprehensible. (See the wonders it’s done for Hillary Clinton.)

But wait — it gets worse. Now we learn that a newly disclosed side agreement allows Iran to use its own inspectors, too. According to the Associated Press, which broke the story, “The agreement in question diverges from normal procedures by allowing Tehran to employ its own experts and equipment in the search for evidence of activities it has consistently denied — trying to develop nuclear weapons.” To put that in perspective, the AP reports, “Olli Heinonen, who was in charge of the Iran probe as deputy IAEA director general from 2005 to 2010, said he could think of no similar concession with any other country.” It’s no wonder Obama wanted to keep details secret and resorted to rhetorically bludgeoning his critics. We just hope it’s enough to rally the growing opposition to the deal in Congress.

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