Wednesday Short Cuts

Publius · Sep. 2, 2015

Insight: “Wars in old times were made to get slaves. The modern implement of imposing slavery is debt.” —American poet Ezra Pound (1885-1972)

Observations: “In 2014, [Jeb Bush] told people he would only run for president if he could do so ‘joyfully.’ The problem is that he’s good at telling but pretty bad at showing. To date, he’s displayed all the joy of a man waiting to get called for his colonoscopy.” —Jonah Goldberg

Village Idiots: “[Dan Rather] did get sabotaged. I always had trouble with [George W.] Bush being the president. I thought he was limited and unqualified.” —Robert Redford

Party of Science™: “If I Knew My Daughter Had Down Syndrome, I Would Have Aborted Her — All Women Should Have That Right” —a Yahoo! Parenting article by Hallie Levine

For the record: “In the first year of his administration (December 29, 2009, to be exact), President Obama issued Executive Order 13526, entitled ‘Classified National Security Information.’ … [T]he order makes clear that there is one category of information that is automatically deemed classified: information from foreign governments. … [T]he emails [Hillary] Clinton sent, received and stored via her private server system were rife with information from foreign governments. This information was born classified. It makes no difference that these emails were not stamped ‘top secret’; all national security officials with security clearances know that foreign government information is deemed classified and must be handled as such. Period.” —Andrew McCarthy

Late-night humor: “According to a new poll, Hillary Clinton has lost a third of her supporters in Iowa since May. There’s still debate as to whether she lost them or just deleted them from her database.” —Jimmy Fallon

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