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Transgendered Student Wants to Use Girls' Locker Room

"Tolerance" strikes again.

Dan Gilmore · Sep. 3, 2015

Will the federal government be compelled to intervene in the case of this transgendered student? It’s back to school at Hillsboro High School in Missouri, and the last few days have been filled with controversy regarding whether the school should allow senior “Lila” Perry to use the girls’ locker room after gym class. Perry is a homosexual male who last year began considering himself female. He started wearing a wig, makeup, heels and started using the unisex bathroom reserved for faculty. This year, Perry said he wanted to use the girls’ locker room after gym class. This prompted a heavily attended school board meeting, followed by a protest in which about 150 students walked out of their classes. Associate Executive Director of the Missouri School Boards’ Association Kelli Hopkins told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the school could run afoul of the U.S. Department of Education. “The Office of Civil Rights has issued an opinion that says, if you do this, you have engaged in gender discrimination. At the same time, there is no case law or statute in Missouri that says this is against the law,” Hopkins said. But here’s the thing about the leftists who rely on Big Government force to coerce every community to bow to progressive dogma: It’s contradictory. As Bethany Mandel writes over at The Federalist, self-defense classes for women routinely tell them to trust their intuition, yet Perry is demanding that the girls of Hillsboro High ignore theirs.

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