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Another Court Rules Against DC Gun Laws

Draconian gun laws are being chipped away one court case at a time.

Dan Gilmore · Sep. 21, 2015
Two citizens open carrying in New Hampshire in 2009. Photo courtesy Lucio Eastman, Wikimedia Commons

The District of Columbia’s draconian gun laws are being chipped away one court case at a time. This time, it’s a partial victory brought by Dick Heller, the same DC resident whose challenge of DC’s handgun ban went all the way to the Supreme Court. On Friday, the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for Washington, DC, ruled unconstitutional the city’s demand that its citizens only buy one gun a month, take a test measuring their knowledge of gun law, register their guns every three years and do so in person. “Any time a Federal Appeals Court strikes down any anti-gun law it is a great victory for gun rights,” said Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation. “I think this ruling is going to really help the Second Amendment Foundation’s Wrenn v. District of Columbia case that is challenging the DC carry law requiring ‘good cause’ or ‘special need’ to get a permit that is now before the same Federal Appeals Court.” However, the ruling justified DC’s desire to register all firearms, including rifles and shotguns, while fingerprinting and photographing all citizens who flexed their Second Amendment right. But unlike the original Supreme Court case where the question whether or not DC residents had the right to bear arms, this case dealt with how that right was put into practice.

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