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Life Should Be 'Something to Strive For'

Instead, Planned Parenthood is striving for intact brains.

Nate Jackson · Oct. 27, 2015

Several weeks after its last release, the Center for Medical Progress released its 11th “Human Capital” video Tuesday, continuing the undercover work exposing Planned Parenthood’s heinous baby-parts trafficking. This new video contains more evidence of a practice admitted in earlier videos: Planned Parenthood doctors modify the abortion procedure in order to obtain better “specimens” from babies — a practice that violates the federal prohibition on partial-birth abortion. “My aim is usually to get the specimens out pretty intact,” says Dr. Amna Dermish of the PP clinic in Austin, Texas. “Especially the 20-weekers are a lot harder versus the 18-weekers, so at that point I’ll switch to breech.” CMP explains what that means: “Dermish does not use the chemical digoxin to kill the fetus before 20 weeks, so her feet-first, intact extraction abortions are done on living fetuses. Using ultrasound guidance to manipulate the fetus from vertex to breech orientation before extracting the yet-living fetus is a hallmark of the illegal partial-birth abortion procedure (18 U.S.C. 1531).”

In other macabre moments, Dermish admits to not having perfected the harvesting of an intact brain, but gleefully declares, “This will give me something to strive for!” Dermish also notes that a heart can be obtained as early as nine weeks’ gestation. “It’s amazing,” she exclaims. “I have so much respect for development, it’s just incredible.” So much respect for development with absolutely no respect for life. It’s as tragic as it is revolting.

Texas recently dropped Planned Parenthood from its Medicaid program, primarily as a result of CMP’s video evidence of gruesome and criminal behavior. Governor Greg Abbott said the state has “hard evidence” that Planned Parenthood is engaged in “violations of federal and state law concerning abortion procedures.” And the best PP can do is yammer about “heavily edited” videos and “women’s health.” The sanctity of life is at stake, and a cultural reckoning is due.

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