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Right Hooks

'Ban All the Guns!'

A leftist's very dangerous proposal.

Publius · Dec. 11, 2015

“Ban guns. All guns,” demands New Republic writer Phoebe Maltz Bovy. “Get rid of guns in homes, and on the streets, and, as much as possible, on police. Not just because of San Bernardino, or whichever mass shooting may pop up next, but also not not because of those. Don’t sort the population into those who might do something evil or foolish or self-destructive with a gun and those who surely will not. As if this could be known — as if it could be assessed without massively violating civil liberties and stigmatizing the mentally ill. Ban guns! Not just gun violence. Not just certain guns. Not just already-technically-illegal guns. All of them.”

Evidently, she’s unaware — or just flat out opposes and therefore refuses to even acknowledge — that not just “civil liberties” but constitutional rights would be blown away by banning (and confiscating) all guns. Leftists just can’t get it through their thick skulls. They’ll ​never​ be able to confiscate any of America’s more than 300,000,000 guns without a war. Too many people are willing to die for that right, and rightly so. What these leftists are advocating, then, is really quite dangerous.

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