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Kerry Also Sent Secrets From a Private Email

The chances of the administration bringing forward a prosecution diminishes significantly.

Dan Gilmore · Feb. 3, 2016

Well, this certainly gives new meaning to the Obama administration’s claim that they were “The most transparent administration in history.” Amidst the Clinton emails that the State Department is releasing, then-Senator John Kerry sent the former secretary of state an email from his iPad — from a private email account — containing information labeled “Secret.” Unlike most of the information the State Department is redacting now, this information was labeled secret at the time Kerry hit the send button May 19, 2011. “The e-mail in question has four sections redacted in the body, two of which are explicitly marked as SECRET,” Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey wrote. “The declassification date is 5/27/2036, exactly twenty-five years after the original transmission of the message — indicating that the information within it was classified at that time, not by the Inspector General or the State Department as a precaution on its discovery within the system.”

Tellingly, Kerry cc’d Obama’s national security advisor at the time, Tom Donilon, which shows that Obama’s inner circle communicated with top lawmakers and cabinet members through private email. For example, Defense Secretary Ash Carter used private email when he first took his post. If Clinton isn’t the only official to skirt the law, then the chances of Obama’s attorney general bringing forward a prosecution diminishes significantly. Of course, all this “transparency” is only good for hacking outfits with enough computing power and knowhow to pick the low hanging fruit of private email, namely China, Russia and organized crime.

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