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Why Was Iran Doing Work on Likely Nuclear Test Site?

While nuclear talks started, Iran could have destroyed evidence of nuke test.

Dan Gilmore · Feb. 9, 2016

Between 2010 and 2016, Iran started and completed construction at its secretive Parchin Military Complex, a site where it is suspected Iran tested nuclear weapons and which Iran forbid the International Atomic Energy Agency from inspecting — even under the nuclear deal brokered by Barack Obama. Intelligence company Stratfor published satellite photos showing a site for testing high explosives and an entrance leading to an underground portion of Parchin that underwent aggressive construction. When the satellite passed over January 2010, the high-explosive site was mostly dirt and vegetation. Images from January 2016 show the trees are gone and most of the facility is paved over — possible efforts to hide evidence of nuclear testing. At the entrance to an underground facility, the two satellite images showed that Iran built what appeared to be an administration building and reinforced the entrance to tunnel — even when it was talking with the United States about limiting its nuclear program. The Daily Beast talked to Stratfor analyst Sim Tack, who said, “We’re not saying they’re cheating on the nuclear deal. The images show Iran was going through the motions to hide what it’s done before, and it is still … developing facilities that the IAEA may or may not have access to.”

Add this to the numerous attempts by Iran to test the limits of the nuclear deal. As for the two missile tests Iran conducted after the deal was struck, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the House Tuesday, “I think this was a deliberate message of defiance, and that the Iranians are going to continue with their aggressive program to develop their missile force.” Say, where’s that security that Obama promised would come with striking a deal with the mullahs?

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