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Minimum Wage Activist Shot at U.S. Capitol

Chances are high that the Leftmedia won't report the whole story.

Culture Beat · Mar. 29, 2016
The Rev. Larry Dawson, who was shot by law enforcement at the U.S. Capitol after he brandished a pellet gun Monday.

Chances are high that the Leftmedia won’t completely report the story about the man who was shot at the U.S. Capitol Monday. The Rev. Larry Dawson, who pastored a church in a suburb of Nashville, was shot by law enforcement when he pulled a pellet gun in the building’s visitors center. He was taken to a DC hospital and was charged with two counts of assault. The Left might spin this as another example of why this nation is deserving of more gun control, although Dawson pulled out a toy, or maybe as a way to boost security around the Capitol. But that hot take analysis doesn’t get at the heart of why Dawson trekked up to Capitol Hill, a narrative that doesn’t fit in the Left’s box.

Dawson had years of legal troubles. While he worked as a school bus driver, he was twice arrested for sending a teenage girl harassing letters saying he wanted her to live with him and have his baby. He was declared “not guilty — reason of insanity.” For this, he lost his Tennessee State funeral director’s license. He lead St. Luke’s Community Church, a church that espoused raising the minimum wage as part of its ministry. According to the church’s website, “The movement now is to get the U.S. Congress to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15.00. I have been to Washington, D.C. three (3) times this year pushing for a raise in the minimum wage.” Dawson’s “pushing” included an outburst from the balcony of the U.S. House chambers last October. This week, he returned with a pellet gun to get his point across — a point that would have been splashed across the headlines if Dawson was trying to leverage Congress toward a cause dear to conservatives. Using fear to accomplish a political goal — isn’t that the definition of terrorism?

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